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Oliver has a great passion for his subject Added to basket. How England Made the English. Harry Mount. Prince Rupert. Earl Charles Spencer. Anne Lister. Nicholas Crane. An Utterly Impartial History of Britain. John O'Farrell. How to be a Victorian.

Ruth Goodman. The Battle of Britain. James Holland. Peter Ackroyd.

The Story of Scotland's Flag (The Corbies series)

The Churchill Factor. Boris Johnson. A Brief History of the Anglo-Saxons. Geoffrey Hindley. Empire of the Deep. Ben Wilson. The Norman Conquest. Marc Morris. The Secret Rooms. A society that had survived for centuries to be destroyed not by nature or by themselves but by mainland civilisation! The book has insets of pictures which provides a visible insight into the world and people you read about! There are also some informative maps at the front of the book.

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When reading the book, it allows you to be an invisible observer during the last few days of inhabitance on the island. This established market leader is published well in time for Christmas and takes account of all the latest developments in the world of whisky. What makes this book such a tour de force, however, is the tasting notes on hundreds and hundreds of different brands.

The author has travelled around the world checking out whisky from distilleries as far-flung as Pakistan and Finland, as well as the world-leaders in Scotland, Ireland, Japan and the United States. In terms of whisky, this is the gospel! Lonely Planet Scotland Travel Guide Lonely Planet Scotland is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Get to the heart of Scotland and begin your journey now!

A Glenfiddich from a Glenlugie? This is an essential read for the whisky connoisseur. There are several books on the market giving tasting notes on malt whiskies which are revised every four or five years.

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  • Most of these books give only one or two tastings per distillery, covering those bottles that will be found in the larger supermarket or the local wine shop. Should you be lucky enough to be visiting a more specialist retailer, in search of something special for a friend, or better still for yourself, then you may find that these books will offer little guidance about the more aged malts on offer, or those from the independent bottlers. He will not desert you on such premises, he will offer help and advice when choosing that more exotic we hope and probably more expensive malt.

    Both kept detailed notes of their impressions and later published separate accounts of their journey together.

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    The account of their great tour is one of the finest pieces of travel writing ever produced: it is a historical document and also a portrait of two extraordinary personalities. The book also examines the depredations of the Vikings and the Battle of Clontarf. Ronald Williams is a gifted historian and House of Lochar is proud to have published three of his titles to date. Patrick Bailey — Orkney Remote, romantic and often mysterious, the islands off the coast of Scotland hold a strong fascination for thousands of visitors each year.

    Idealistic young soldier Edward Waverley gets ensnared by the intrigues of the Jacobite uprising, which aimed to bring back the Stuart dynasty. This Alfred Hitchcock classic about a London man wrongly accused of murder is set in Edinburgh, Glencoe, and other parts of the Scottish countryside. The Angels' Share In this working-class comedy, a Glaswegian ne'er-do-well discovers he has a great nose for whisky. Braveheart Mel Gibson stars in this Academy Award—winning adventure about the Scots overthrowing English rule in the 13th century. Brigadoon In this classic musical, an American couple visiting Scotland discover a magical village.

    Highlander An immortal swordsman remembers his life in 16th-century Scotland while preparing for a pivotal battle in the present day. A History of Scotland Local Hero A businessman questions his decision to build an oil refinery in a small Scottish town once he gets a taste for country life. Loch Ness A skeptical American scientist is sent to Scotland to investigate the existence of the Loch Ness monster.

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    Monarch of the Glen Set on Loch Laggan, this TV series features stunning Highland scenery and the eccentric family of a modern-day laird. Brown One Day Two University of Edinburgh students meet and fall in love on their graduation day, and their story continues to be told at each anniversary.

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    The Queen Rob Roy The Scottish rebel played by Liam Neeson struggles against feudal landlords in 18th-century Scotland. Skyfall In this James Bond film, we learn that grew up in the Scottish Highlands, with a climactic scene at his childhood home filmed near Glencoe. Trainspotting Ewan McGregor stars in this award-winning, wild, gritty picture about Edinburgh's drug scene in the s. This Caldecott Medal—winning picture book presents a Scottish folktale with evocative illustrations.

    Bagpipes, Beasties and Bogles Tim Archbold, This whimsical story about spooky creatures and bagpipes serves up Scottish culture in a package perfect for young readers. Brave