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Houses frequently represent the dreamer's mind. Different levels or rooms may relate to difference aspects of the individual dreamer and different degrees of consciousness. The basement often represents what has been neglected, or what the dreamer is not aware of in his or her waking life, while bedrooms relate to intimate thoughts and feelings -- those closest to the dreamer's core self. Sex in dreams can simply be an outlet for sexual expression.

But dreams about sex can also symbolize intimate connections with one's self and others, and the figurative integration of new information. Despite the commonality shared by many dream symbols, it is important to point out that only the dreamer can truly interpret the meaning of their dream and how these symbols and their meanings may connect to the specific events occurring in their waking life. Suzanne Bergmann made the statements. DreamsCloud is a place to log and share your dreams, keep an online dream journal, learn more about dream meanings and receive professional dream reflections.

About Reflections: DreamsCloud is of the belief that only the dreamers can truly know the meaning of their dream and that no other person can provide definitive dream interpretation. Upon the user's request, DreamsCloud Reflectors provide insightful feedback, gleaned from years of study in the dreams field, to help the user to better understand their dreams.

DreamsCloud reflections are not a substitute for psychotherapy or other professional treatment and should not be used as such. DreamsCloud is the place to share your night dreams and connect with other dreamers. Real Life. Real News. Real Voices. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

News Politics Entertainment Communities. HuffPost Personal Videos Horoscopes. Part of Wellness. What might it mean to dream about a snake in your house? A dream where you see a snake in your house is an indication that, you are going to face some possible dangers and problems - which will happen to you or to someone close to you. Generally seeing a snake in a dream is not a great omen according to folklore so this dream can mean deceit. You will need to be extra careful in the days to come because you may find yourself surrounded by negativity.

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What might it indicate to dream about being homeless? Not having a house in your dream could indicate you are going to experience some difficulties in your life. Often being without a home can indicate that you need to focus on your career and personal life. You will have to wait until the season is over before you start afresh in your life. What does it mean to dream of hidden rooms?

Seeing hidden rooms or doors in your dream can be an indicator about how you are developing or growing, especially around your career. The hidden rooms can be sections of your own mind or hidden feelings and aspects in your life.

Most Common Dreams And Their MEANINGS: Dream Interpretation

If the hidden rooms consisted of gardens, forests, fields or even beaches then this is a representation of the external environment. In life we are all linked to nature and its cycles also reflect our own. If the hidden rooms in dreams worry or scare you in any way then this can indicate that you are trying to make sense of the world. If you find hidden rooms in your own house during the dream then this signifies somebody is trying to assert their control over you.

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The actual type of room is also important. So, a bedroom, for example, could mean you have deep feelings for someone. What could it denote to dream about buying a house? Making an offer on a property is a positive dream. Dreaming about buying a house in your dream could imply that, you are currently working hard in order to earn something in your life. Here, the dream is trying to encourage you to keep it up because, at the end of it all, you will enjoy the outcome.

Alternatively, the dream could mean you are going to make a mistake you cannot amend. What might it imply to dream about moving to another house? Remember before I said that houses are a reflection of us. It might be that, you will be promoted or that you will be relocating, or a new job. Alternatively, the dream could be a sign that, you are going to on a road trip. Moving and packing your belongings during a dream can indicate moving forward in life. If the house you move to is lovely then this can indicate a new possibility coming your way. What about the dream house size or condition?

The first thing that is important when analyzing a dream about the house it is overarching size, past associations and also the general state and condition. Sometimes we can dream of an abandoned house or somewhere that is lacking loving care.

If this is the case it can illustrate that you are feeling worried about yourself and your own feelings. If the house was very large, such as a manor house and this may anticipate and act out how you are feeling about life. The grandness of the house can be connected to your own human psyche. A house that is massive or too big to explore during your dream illustrates you are feeling neglected to deal with issues in waking life. If the house is old-fashioned or does not seem to appear to be a complete house then this may be connected to how you perceive yourself in the future.

Dreams of ancient houses can often act as a metaphor for repairing relationships that have gone wrong. What does it mean to dream of many houses?

Dream Meanings Revealed Now

If you had a dream of a row of houses alternatively you kept seeing different types of houses in the dream and this is a representation of isolated events or people in your life. It could mean that each of the houses that appears in your dream are a representation of issues, problems for people in waking life. The sheer weight of the visual mental stimulation that we encounter when we dream can affect what we see.

It could mean that in daily life you have absorbed a lot of information and that the house itself represents that information. What might it mean to dream about your house is in good condition? A dream where you see that your house is in good condition could be a sign that, in the near future, you are going to experience something new or you are going to receive some good news which you were least expecting. A newly decorated or renovated home can imply positivity that will make you feel spiritually prosperous.

What could it denote to dream about someone building you a house? A dream where you see someone building a house could be a sign that, you are going to experience some major changes in your life in the days to come. Building in dreams is all about building bricks in life.

According to folklore, your financial situation is going to improve so good for you!

14 Common Dreams and Symbols and Why They're Important

This dream can also mean that you will get a job promotion or a pay rise and this will impact positively on your family and your life as a whole. I know this seems a bit of a crazy dream, but a thatched cottage or house is connected to emotions. It could mean that you will experience some financial problems, but in time these will sort themselves out. What might it imply to dream about being locked out of the house? This dream is common and is associated with keys. A dream where you are being locked out of the house could mean that you feel insecure and rejected.

Sorry, it is not more positive! There could be someone in your real life whom you feel that, is leaving you behind. On the other hand, it could mean you are leaving a phase in life behind. It could be your parent, partner in business or your lover is moving in another direction. What might it signify to dream about a destroyed house? A dream where you see a destroyed house could mean you are likely going to feel things are too much and you need time to think. It could also be symbolic of transformation in a family, divorce, or money issues. What might it mean to dream about a part of a house missing? Dreaming about a part of a house missing such as the upstairs could mean that, you are feeling bad due to a part of your area of life having reduced function. You might have been involved in an accident causing you to lose a leg or a hand and it is making it hard to for you to adjust to your new condition.

Or you might have been in a wonderful relationship and your partner just pulled out and you are wondering how you are going to succeed minus them in your house. What might it imply to dream about an empty house? Dreaming about an empty house denotes that, at the moment, you are feeling the emptiness inside you. You have no one to turn to as everyone seems to have left you alone.