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Chet Attmore is ready to hang up his guns and find a quiet place to settle down where no one knows him. He's only passing through and has no intentions of getting involved in the troubles of the Spring Water Ranch or the pretty young woman who lives there. Chet is not looking for employment; he only wants to trade his tired horse for a fresh one. Chet knows he's a gunfighter first and foremost, and that alone will prevent him from having the only kind of life he ever wanted.

But all his good intentions are lost when he gets pulled into the fray. Soon he's in too deep to leave and his heart is hoping for things his mind knows he an never have. Chet is the perfect hero we all want tough, tender, smart.

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Melody is wonderful, too, ready to listen, willing to say no and mean it, and ready to fight for the ones she loved. It is also a wonderful story of love that survives in spite of everything. One moment I was laughing, and the next I would be crying. Leigh Greenwood never fails to deliver a top notch story. Fans everywhere will be thrilled with CHET. Chet has it all! Romance and rustlers, gunfighters and greed. Romance doesn't get any better than this! The Cowboys is a true collector's series.

Every book is a gem and Leigh Greenwood polishes every story until it shines! Brilliant writing and characterization! Bret Nolan had never gotten used to the confines of the city. The sprawling buildings, the rumbling wagons, even the roads: all seemed designed to lock him in. He would always be a cowboys at heart, and his restless blood still longed for the open range.

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And he was on his way back to the boundless plains of Texas to escort a reluctant heiress to Boston — on his way to pick up a woman destined to be a dutiful wife. Now he just had to show her the true honor found in the heart of a cowboy. Emily Abercrombie comes through the pages as a bright, unspoiled heroine and Bret Nolan is the essential romance fantasy.

Mary Grace Meloche, Romance Designs. However it is the cast that brings late nineteenth century Western cattle country Texas vividly to life, a trademark of a Leigh Greenwood western.

Harriet Klausner. Once more, Greenwood brings readers straight into the heart of the west and into his likable characters' lives with a charming, fast-paced and enjoyable read. Matt Haskins proved to be the most difficult of all the orphans in The Cowboys to write about. It's not easy to make a hero out of a man who has been sexually molested, especially when the abuse has given him a mental block against physical contact.

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I had to find a way to make the reader see that Matt's strength was of a different kind from most cowboys. It was almost as difficult to make Ellen Donovan see it. Ellen's experience with men has been all bad. When she's forced to marry Matt so they can each keep the children they're trying to adopt, she's certain he has ulterior motives. She sets up stringent conditions before agreeing to the marriage of convenience.

She expected Matt to accept them -- she wouldn't have married him otherwise -- but she was a little surprised, and disappointed, when he stuck to them after they were married. Ellen didn't want a quiet, unassuming husband. She wanted one who would take on the world in her defense. Matt had the size and the strength, but she didn't see much else to recommend him. Taking on the responsibility of the two boys Matt wanted to adopt was one more thing she didn't need.

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She planned to stay married just long enough so the crusading Revered Wilbur Sears couldn't take her kids or Matt's boys. Then she was headed for San Antonio to open her own hat shop. But while Ellen was making plans to leave Matt and his two troublesome boys behind, she discovered there was a lot more to this good-looking cowboy than met the eye.

They jump off the pages right into your heart.

MATT is truly one book that is a testimony to love and forgiveness. This book is definitely a heartbreaker.

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Put it on your keeper shelf to reread many times. This reviewer is sorry to see the end of this series which was very high caliber! This talented author has proven time and again most capable of bringing stellar work to his devoted readers, among whom I am one! The characters are in depth, very complex and challenging.

MATT is a special gift of love and forgiveness. I'll never forget it! Matt and Ellen are strong lead characters with a lot to deal with and overcome. The orphaned youngsters, Toby, Orin, Noah, Tess and Hank, lend their vastly different personalities to create a family. Other secondary characters do their best to derail Matt and Ellen from their goals.

Greenwood gets into a touchy subject without going into graphic detail. The way he handles the subplot leaves no doubt in readers' minds what's going on. The Cowboys: Matt proves once again, there's no fence high enough to keep love out. You don't want to miss Matt's touching story. Strong characters and emotions carry the story forward and keep us waiting for the next cowboy. I've been told that my heroes ought to be rougher, more dangerous, more brooding, but that goes against the grain of my Southern upbringing.

Southern men can be total bastards to each other, but you treat a woman special. After all, she is, or will be, somebody's mamma, and mothers are sacred to a true Southerner. That's what causes him to assume the identity of a dead man, to pretend to be her husband, so he can save her from a forced marriage to a savage old womanizer. Only trouble is, once he's told the lie, he's stuck with it. If he tells the truth, everybody loses.

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Then a rival is murdered right under his own roof and Pete is the prime suspect. Pete knows he ought to tell Anne the truth and leave before she falls in love with him. He has to leave before he runs out of excuses not to consummate their marriage.

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But he can't leave without putting her in danger, giving up his search for the money stolen from him the reason that brought him to the ranch in the first place , and practically confessing to the murder of the man he's impersonating. It becomes even more complicated when Pete finds himself falling in love with Anne. His honor demands one thing, his body and emotions the opposite. No matter which he chooses, he loses.

Pete's not your typical, all-conquering hero. Pete acts and speaks before he thinks which has gotten him in trouble his whole life. His adopted family considered him something of a burden because he used to be little and they were always having to bail him out of trouble his mouth got him into. But he's grown up now, and Anne thinks he's perfect, that he can fix any difficulty, figure out any problem. Pete tries mightily to live up to this flattering picture of himself. And he does pretty well until he falls into the clutches of the real villain.