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To announce the arrival of his famous circus, he paraded his most popular attraction Jumbo, along with 21 other elephants across the Brooklyn Bridge. This bridge today is a treasured landmark. The bridge's classical architecture today is highlighted at night with floodlights.

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Another interesting fact about the Brooklyn Bridge is that it is haunted. Some of the activity that has been reported is downright creepy. Hundreds of thousands of people have walked across this bridge in its history. Many have reported unusual sights and sounds. Thinking it must be a suicide attempt, they called the authorities.

The Brooklyn Bridge’s Headless Ghost By Raquel Laneri, Hana R. Alberts and Michael Riedel

But when the police arrived, no one was in the water. Some believe what these witnesses actually heard are the sounds of the people being trampled after the stampede.

But this does not explain the sounds of splashing water. They might be instead connected to the many suicides that have taken place at the bridge. Another common sight, at night, is dark figures or shadow people walking in front of people as they cross the bridge. These figures are sometimes seen floating mid-air, and then they disappear around corners or just vanish in front of witnesses. By far, the most compelling sight is of a man who has no head.

The Most Haunted Places in New York City

This figure has been seen countless times and is said to wander the bridge. New York Times article about accident. There is documented evidence to back up these reports.

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Two of the 27 men who lost their lives during construction were riggers that had the misfortune to be standing in the wrong spot at the wrong time. One of the heavy cables snapped and whipped out where it killed both men.

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One of the two had his head sliced right off. Depiction of the accident. Labels: accidents , Brooklyn Bridge , construction , design , ghosts , haunted , history , New York City. Or if you're Simon and Garfunkel, you might feel like the only living human in New York. Of course, there are some who believe that the city isn't haunted at all.

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Knowing New Yorkers, if a bloodstained ghost appeared on the subway, we'd all just let it mind our own business and get on with our commutes. Still, some ghosts are more notable than others. Whether you're looking for a spooky adventure this Halloween or are interested in ghosts all year around, here are some of New York's most fascinating haunted landmarks.

click here The Bowery Boys. Washington Square Park is the scene of many dramatic movie scene reunions and fanciful NYC-inspired musical numbers, but did you know that over 20, people are buried underneath it? It's got plenty of macabre landmarks—standing in the northwest corner is the famous Hanging Tree, an English elm that apparently saw many a hanging during its heyday. But most of the dead bodies buried underneath the park come from the s, when New York City was hit by an outbreak of yellow fever and the park was used as a potter's field for over 20, bodies, buried in a mass grave. Over the years, many park visitors have reported strange sightings such as carriages, very tall and thin men, and the ghosts of various artists, among other things.

This bridge's name alone makes it notably eerie, and it has more than enough eerie history and urban legends to live up to its name. Hell Gate got its moniker from the tales of early Dutch explorers and traders, who had to pass through the mile-long strait of water to get to the Long Island Sound.

Due to the dangerous nature of this passage, which was riddled with whirlpools and sharp glacial rocks, the strait became known as Hell Gate.

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During the s, an average of 1, ships sunk in it each year. Legend has it that some of these sailors continue to haunt the bridge, and if you hear a creaky train thundering over it in the wee hours of the morning, it's said to hold the ghosts of some of these lost souls. Also, out of all NYC's bridges, Hell Gate would apparently be the last bridge to collapse in an apocalyptic scenario, taking at least a thousand years to fall—and the image of that ghost train sailing across the bridge as the rest of the city decays is so atmospheric, some NYU film student should get on making a film with that as the final frame if it hasn't been done already.

RoadTrippers Magazine. This bridge is haunted for obvious reasons, but there are some notorious ghosts. Apparently, some visitors have seen a headless ghost following them on quiet nights. He's said to be the ghost of a construction worker who was killed when a cable snapped and decapitated him.