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Wade reports growing interest among high-net-worth owners keen to buy a second home in Ambergris Caye, the most exclusive part of Belize. The latter may reduce the potential for flooding and associated hazards in Belize and in the islands. Drought is not a primary concern at this time. This was one of the coolest season in recent years in the east of the region.

Videos Ambassador Mendez on the Belize-Guatemala border issue , 3. Before attaining his position at the Organization of American States, Ambassador Mendez had been involved in discussions regarding the Belize-Guatemala border issue for at least 16 years. We asked the Ambassador for his personal views on taking the issue to the International Court of Justice. Our team stopped by earlier in the day to find out more. The Walls Down team hopes to branch out into more communities in the City. His Excellency Nestor Mendez , min.

The Canwell Files : Murder, Arson and Intrigue in the Evergreen State

His Excellency Nestor Mendez currently holds the second highest position at the Organization of American States, the largest regional organization in the world. But who is Ambassador Mendez? We had a sit-down with him recently to find out. The butterfly farm, established in the s, continues to be immensely popular with visitors of all ages and interests.

To see the cobalt blue, mesmerising giant butterflies emerge from their chrysalis stage is an unforgettable sight that never fails to delight adults and children alike. What looks like a pale green dewdrop changes into a voracious caterpillar before morphing into its pupa stage, looking like something out of a science fiction movie before…ta da! Trip to Belize May , 25min. Five days inland and 5 days on an island.

Snorkeling around the Silk Cayes, Belize - , 1min. National Garifuna Council - Elections and Strategy , 24min. Ted-Ed's Student Voice Platform , 5min. What can the brilliant students of this nation teach us about the current state of affairs of our society? This graduation season, students all over the world are celebrating what they've learned, but let's take a moment to celebrate what those students have taught us.

Exploring Belize , 8min. Belize Adventure , 4.

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Judy DuPlooy has transformed the BBG into one of the most incredible places in Belize, full of tropical fruit trees, Savana lands, and much more. This is the day we recorded Episode 1 of The Grassfed Podcast, which can be found on this channel as well. The loser buys the drinks.

He got them knocked out playing football. Now, you see why we call him Cindy? The training, which began on 14th May, , culminated with Forest Rangers being sworn-in to exercise greater authority to arrest and seize for forest, protected areas, and wildlife-related crimes. But recently he bought a new cell phone and it is password protected. He will not give me the password and only answers texts when I leave the room. I want to trust him but in the back of my mind I feel something is amiss and I am afraid of what he might be hiding.

Upon arrival they observed the lifeless body of 47 year old Carlos Panti, of San Ignacio Town near a silver Isuzu trooper. Panti was from the direction of Benque Viejo Town towards San Ignacio Town in the trooper when he lost control of the vehicle and it overturned. He was flung a few feet from the vehicle.

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Panti was pronounced dead on arrival at the San Ignacio Community Hospital. It is believed that the group is still in the country and heading towards Orange Walk or further south. They are indefinitely out of Consejo Village and our Corozal District. The Soul Project was the perfect venue for the concert. So many amazing songs by a wide range of Belizean and Central American musicians.

Can't wait for the next one. Matel Haven's set of pictures. Pictures on fb. The Reporter San Hill villager dies in hit and run Sandhill resident, Jermaine Rhabrn, was knocked down and left for dead on the Maskall road in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Just after a. He died around midday. Guinea Grass resident chopped in fight A confrontation in Guinea Grass village on Saturday night turned violent, ending with one villager being chopped to the head with a machete.

Aurelio Armando Pop, 20, was engaged in an argument with another man in front of a restaurant in the village around p. That individual inflicted the chop wounds and fled the scene. Pop was hospitalized at the Northern Regional Hospital for treatment. He remains in stable condition.

San Ignacio man dies in road traffic accident A San Ignacio man is dead following a road traffic accident, which happened around this morning on the Benque road. As the vehicle careened off the road, it flipped and Panti was flung several feet away from the vehicle. I became acquainted with Belize at a very young age. I started coming in the s with my parents, and I was fascinated with the crystal-clear waters of the cays and the richness of the fauna and all of that.

It was a big catch for me. Belize Video , 2. I went on a three week study abroad trip with the University of Alabama. Here's a little look into what we experienced. Snorkelling in Belize , 2min. Small plane from Belize airport to Placencia , 2. Belize Vacation , 24min.

The Canwell Files Murder Arson and Intrigue in the Evergreen State by Kienholz & M.

The Yucatec Maya is one of the Maya groups found in Belize. The partnership, which provides BBC with a strong international partner, was announced on Friday, May 11th. After five grueling days, the A Team from the Belize Coast Guard, comprising of Daniel Gregorio, and brothers, Godfrey, James, and Mark Alford, emerged as the winning team, clocking a cumulative Teams competed in the male, female, and mixed category, leaving each departure point at 5AM every morning.

Rosado spoke about the history of the Guatemalan claim on Belize, the role of the Organization of American States OAS and the reason why the ICJ is the only solution to the long-standing territorial dispute with Guatemala. Most of the audience was comprised of students, who listened as Andre Perez introduced Ambassador Rosado. Working at the bar were two bartenders. The male person with the pistol proceeded to the bar area where he demanded the contents of the cash register be placed in a bag he had. The other assailant waited at the entrance of the bar.

Misc Belizean Sources Three arrests for illegal fishing in one night!

Our 3rd arrest for illegal fishing within Port Honduras Marine Reserve tonight! Night patrol team crept up on 2 Guatemalan fishers who had just set up long gillnets in our conservation zone! Will keep you posted on prosecution results! Over the years, the Lions Club of San Pedro, and by extension Lions Club International, has been at the centre of many success stories on our island. It is the hope of the San Pedro Town Council and the people of Belize, that over the duration of your convention, Lion members will be able to meet, discuss, plan and foster ideas that can make our communities a better place for all.

As you know, Lions Club International new national and global service focuses on diabetes as part of the Centennial Service Challenge. We are hopeful that your clubs will consider hosting awareness campaigns, screening programs and help in expanding treatments in an effort to reduce, and where possible, stop diabetes. Thanks, Rotary! More photos from the handing over ceremony in Succotz for the toilet block at the RC school. This was a great community and international effort. Thank you, Rotary!

If you have an idea for a 3 minute video, you could win some nice prizes. The Video Competition highlights climate action being taken by youth through videos, giving them a platform to share their successes and inspire others.

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Send us a 3 minute about how you are fighting climate change for a chance to be one of two winners. See the attached files for more details. It'll be a full day, family oriented event that focuses on the variety of unique cultures that can be found in Cayo. There will be many different kinds of food and drinks, cultural presentations, entertainment, and music.

West Fest, years and counting.