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The goal is to cover all 7, Each portrait is meticulously crafted, and each features a person living with a unique rare disease. Some paintings are abstract.

Others are extremely realistic. Just as in life, it is our differences that make us whole, our experiences that are the foundation of our communities. I could do nothing but nod my head in agreement. Patricia is self-described as a person who believes in action. What she has done for her own children living with rare diseases is remarkable. But what she, her family and her organization continue to do for the rare disease community-at-large is inspiring.

The list of organizations who have featured Beyond the Diagnosis is long Harvard University , Brown University and the Broad Institute are examples and it continues to grow. They actually hung the hardware so we could do our art exhibit. They diagnosed her with hypermelanosis of Ito of which there are about three hundred cases worldwide. They told us it would just be cosmetic. Issues became far more than cosmetic. She was in extreme pain.


Art show created by people with Parkinson’s disease

Her teeth started falling out. When they did a scan of her mouth, they found that she had Chiari malformation. So I joined a Facebook group for Chiari and I realized — wait a minute, my daughter has Tethered Cord, my daughter has Chiari — all these people had Ehlers-Danlos syndrome! Too often there is an idea in the medical and pharmaceutical community that rare diseases are uncommon enough that searching for treatments is unfruitful or unnecessary.

The mission of Beyond the Diagnosis is to change that misconception. She is a busy woman. I bought him a toy. More than anything they want to know the families. They want to know the kids. Their hearts are going into these portraits. These portraits are gifts, from their hearts to us. Everyone can look at this artwork and get something from it.

Artist’s love for her daughter, art supports rare disease

I have never seen something describe me so clearly. Depersonalization is what triggers my panic attacks, particularly nocturnal panic attacks.

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I'm 34 and have dealt with pretty severe mental illness since Thank you for your incredible drawings. I appreciate these so much. This is an amazing illustration for the insidious disease that I have. Your work just surpasses words Hadn't heard of this one either! Very interesting. Had to google this: It is a rare mental illness in which the affected person holds the delusional belief that he or she is already dead, does not exist, is putrefying, or has lost his or her blood or internal organs.

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I'm an artist. I'm the creator of the Inktober Illness and Phobia series and also create art for Cyanide and Happiness. I run a clothing line AMNClothing to boot. Because I don't like having free time.

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    Bipolar link to creativity and being intellectually gifted?

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      Pixie Dust 3 years ago I always find it fascinating how others see me, compared to how I see myself. Traci Johnston 3 years ago I think it's beautiful and perfectly shows the sadness from not being heard or understood. Laura Ingles. Petra Jahnke 3 years ago Always getting worse in the darker seasons