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If, on the Web, you look for expressions such as bioinformatics , "with R" , "using R" and books or filetype:pdf you will find numerous books, sometimes published by well known editors, other times only available on the Web, as you can check below. Here is an easy to read R script to read and count and then analyze the number of nucleotides for the gene X It is of course R that reads at the NCBI the sequence of the gene via Internet all that begins with is a comment and is therefore ignored by R :.

With the help of a few more commands, one can have a better display and a graphical output for the counts:. Then, if you know a little bit of R programming, you can add some explanations and automatize the computations with some general functions for students and basic users:. Atlas, with the help of well chosen Markdown commands -- for example if you add a the beginning of the. You can check all this by running the following file genex Very nice statistical tool, free, complete, well documented and well suitable for bioinformatics, research publications and for reproducible research because you don't have to cut and paste results into your articles.

Not so easy to master in a short time.

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Needs to but is it really a con? To end this presentation, four good news to avoid being all in the same galley with R :. The site names Datajoy allows to use R via a Web interface, without any installation. The sites try. My teachings include R courses for engineers, PhD and post PhDstudents with more than 50 people per year.

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Very very short presentation of R R is a free scriptable and programmable software available for Windows , MacOs and Linux. R and bioinformatics including metagenomics Bioinformatics analyses spread over a very large spectrum of computations, methods and techniques, whether it is building sequences alignments , the creation of phylogenetic trees , the vizualisation of the results using heatmaps , the differential expression of genes , the analysis of interactions networks or genes networks, the prediction of structures, the genetics of populations , the simultaneous representation as bigraphs of genes and PubMed articles, the computation of genomic distances , euclidian or not Bigraph code.

R for Biologists: Your First Plot

Network code. Disease Model. This book is not an encyclopedia of bioinformatics or statistics or R, hence, experts in bioinformatics or statistics or R may find other research level specialized books in the area more useful. As I mentioned earlier, this book is mainly written for upper level undergraduate students and first year graduate students having diverse educational background. I like this book a lot, and I think it is an excellent textbook in the area.

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A statistics textbook masquerading as a statistical bioinformatics textbook, forget about R From Amazon This is a statistics and probability textbook with some of the author's limited exposure to bioinformatics thrown in - the bioinformatics material is absurdly narrow in scope and most of the R code might as well be omitted it is so worthless. The treatment of statistics is decent - a thorough overview of probability, distributions, inference, and Bayesian statistics is presented.

There are so many summation and integral symbols in here it will make your eyes glaze over. At its core this might be a decent statistics textbook. Most of the examples seem fairly generic - such that biological concepts were placed in phrases where terms from the social sciences or engineering could have been used just as easily.

The R code is woefully repetitious, or in other cases so elementary it just takes up space. Perhaps due to the author's research interests this is a very microarray-centric textbook, and would have been more relevant 6 years ago. I wish authors would do a brief metasearch before sitting down to organize a textbook. Protein microarrays, many of whose manufacturers have gone belly up, gets its own section for some reason. Next generation sequencing gets no exposure whatsoever the copyright on this book is people!

Statistical genetics - QTLs, linkage disequilibrium - nothing. I'm pretty sure there is some sophisticated statistics involved in BLAST alignments and estimating homology but it is not mentioned here. The author instead focused on explaining stuff like "single fractal analysis" for binding kinetics isn't that biochemistry? All the color figures are at the back, and consist of low-resolution gifs obviously taken from the web.

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The author did not contribute much in way of figures to aid understanding of posterior probability or Markov Chains lest it take space from the umpteenth formula or R "print" statement. This hardcover is an expensive way to learn statistics and the author's myopic view of bioinformatics and weak code will not serve students well in their careers.

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Applied Statistics for Bioinformatics using R

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