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All rights reserved. In the "Star Wars" universe, Lucas and company envision scores of worlds bustling with intelligent beings. In our galaxy, we know of only one such world so far-Earth. They are not typical sub-planetoids, but are in fact said to be the decaying remains "flesh divinity" of the long-"dead" creator god , Lorkhan, symbolizing how he was sundered during the creation of Mundus, the mortal plane. They, like the rest of the cosmos in the Elder Scrolls series, are implied to look like as they do because it is the best mortal minds can do to interpret it.

The two moons go through technically impossible phases, stars are visible behind the dark parts when they're not full, and they are unaffected by the series' occasional Reality Warping Time Crashes , which allow their cycles to be used to determine the passage of time when linear time is otherwise not applying. Vivec used his powers to freeze it in place above the city, where it was hollowed out to create the Ministry of Truth, the Tribunal Temple 's high security prison.

Due in no small part to the player's actions during the game, Vivec disappears a few years later and, after some temporary measures fail, the moon resumes its crash into Vivec city with its original momentum. During the years between Oblivion and Skyrim , both Masser and Secunda disappeared from the sky for two whole years, driving Khajiit society into disarray as many aspects of their culture revolve around their worship. When the Thalmor claimed to have used their magics to return the moons, it won them great affection from the Khajiit, who soon joined the Aldmeri Dominion as a vassal nation.

Touhou offers a subversion: To conceal themselves, the Lunarians erected a great dimensional Border around the moon, much like the Border surrounding Gensokyo. The internal region hidden by this Border provides oxygen, plant life, and oceans for what is dubbed the Lunar Capital; to us: Travel to and from the moon only works consistently on nights of the full moon, which allows for a perfect connection. In Imperishable Night , the Lunar refugees in Eientei have interrupted the full moon with the image of a gibbous moon to make it impossible for emissaries from the moon to come to Earth after them.

The map Doublecross on Team Fortress 2 inexplicably had 5 moons in the skybox until an update removed them. The Blue Moon in Dark Chronicle is, in reality, the Star of Destruction created by the Ancients so that it would fall upon the world and destroy everything in case anyone ever collected all three Atlamillia and assumed godlike power.

What Titan is like

In fact, in the American release of the game, that's the Star doing its thing in the logo. There used to be a second, smaller and blue moon, but it vanished from the sky when the first expansion came out. It still appears in fiction, but not in-game. The Blue Child returned in the expansion Mists of Pandaria , and the two moons tend to alternate appearances in the sky.

In Mabinogi there is the white moon Ladeca, but there's also a smaller pink one called Eweca, which radiates all of Erinn's mana. In Sengoku Basara 3 , when Kanbe takes the castle the moon turns yellow but doesn't decrease in size. At the Kanegasaki Siege it's much smaller, but still unrealistic, and coloured blood red with a strange aura, impending Nobunaga's resurrection.

Unboxing ♡ DAY6 Moonrise (2nd Full Album _ Silver Moon & Gold Moon Ver.)

The Moon in Minecraft always comes up when the Sun goes down. It's also square-shaped and rather large. It now has phases, which show round sections of shadow moving across it. The one exception is the new moon, where only the outermost edge is visible - and about half as bright as on a full moon.

It was round for a short time during a pre-release update. Despite having phases, it still is always at the opposite side of the Sun. The moon of Tau Volantis in Dead Space 3 looks like it had a huge chunk of it torn away somehow. Turns out it wasn't broken it's incomplete. It's really a huge Necromorph called a Brother Moon whose growth was interrupted long ago by the natives of Tau Volantis' Codex.

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Right before it was forced into hibernation, the Brother Moon sent the Black Marker into human space, making it the Big Bad of the entire series up to this point. While Earth has various objects orbiting it other than the Moon, these objects tend to be temporary see the real-life section below. Minmus, however, appears to be permanent, and apparently doesn't make a whole lot of scientific sense. It's teal and apparently icy, which would be impossible for such a tiny object that orbits the fictional equivalent of Earth which has enough gravity to keep ice on its surface and in its atmosphere, but is otherwise well within the "Frost line" of the solar system.

The fandom's best guess is that it's a captured comet whose albedo is just high enough to prevent it melting. An honourable mention also goes to Laythe, a moon of the gas giant Jool, which has liquid water and an oxygen-bearing atmosphere despite being well outside the Goldilocks Zone for either. Mira in Xenoblade Chronicles X has 5 moons, all but one of which are absolutely massive with the largest dominating the eastern night sky.

What It Would Be Like to Live on Saturn's Moons Titan and Enceladus

They're each different colours, don't have phases, don't move in the sky and stars can be seen through them. The moon is said to be an Advanced Ancient Acropolis that lifted off one day into the sky, a great big crater being offered as proof the city once existed the world of Weyard is flat, presumably the moon is as well, despite having phases and causing eclipses. The moon of the Plane of Water in Rift appears to be a colossal seashell.

It's actually Draum, the primordial God of Water, who dreamed the entire Plane into existence. And he's starting to wake up.

What is Imagery Poetry?

In world B2 of The Talos Principle , the moon is depicted as unusually large. If you look carefully, there is a laser connector on the edge. If you fire a laser on it, the moon turns around and becomes an Aperture Science logo. During the Celestial Event in Terraria , the moon will be bigger and change color depending on which tower you're near. From The Order of the Stick , we get this. Rich Burlew responds to rampant speculation that this is an eclipse with "I love how it never crosses anyone's mind that the author may know less about astronomy than they do. Since Coyote is a trickster god, Annie wonders if it's an illusion, but later on Kat discovers a fingerprint which has mysteriously appeared on the moon's surface.

The moon in Problem Sleuth starts full, but then becomes crescent-shaped when Pickle Inspector accidentally snips a chunk out of it. Similarly, in the epilogue to Homestuck , the Carapacians plan to deliberately blow up part of the moon to make it crescent-shaped. I will try anything Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Originally Posted by tpcollins. I'm not sure the Solunar Tables favor that as the "best time", they actually prefer a moonrise or moonset that coincides with a sunrise or sunset.

I believe those are some of the best times to be afield. Is this time2hunt app available for iPhone? Join Date Nov Location St. Louis Mo Posts 1, If deer are supposed to base movement on moon phase, someone forgot to tell the thousands of deer with radio collars on. Just sayin. I'm sure it may work in highly managed areas where pressure is extremely low and food is abundant.

The Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild

For me hunting pressured public land Originally Posted by robampton. Tpcollins, We have been at this before on one of these beat to death moon position threads. You're the same person who argued that moon phase and position were not related. Like I asked before, when is the full moon not overhead at midnight or the new moon overhead at noon? The exact hour it is overhead changes each day, but it will always be in that time frame.

There is nothing to argue about there. It is science based fact. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Optics and Electronics Want to buy or trade?

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