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Over 67, rabbits pass through UK rescues each year, with many of them having health issues. While rescues work tirelessly to rehabilitate and re-home these rabbits, some have problems that will remain with them for life. Sadly these rabbits are often left in rescue until the end of their lives.

SNORS was founded in April to work in partnership with rescues, to offer rescue rabbits with complex health needs a specialist and loving permanent home.

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This partnership benefits the rescue by freeing up space to re-home many more rabbits, as well as providing relief from the financial burden that caring for rabbits with long term health conditions bring. SNORS has existed in an unofficial capacity for over 10 years, where the founders were drawn to taking in rabbits with specialist needs. This has led to a wealth of knowledge and passion to help more complex cases.

Why We Were Founded

Making SNORS an official organisation was a big decision but a vital one in terms of being able to help many more needy rabbits. The full cost of owning rabbits is often misunderstood, the full cost of offering a home to rabbits with known health issues is well understood by SNORS.

February Is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month: 10 Things You Should Know About Pet Bunnies

An important part of what we do is ensuring we will only take on a rabbit if we have sufficient funds to meet its needs for life. Because many pet shops fail to provide proper care to animals and often sell sick and malnourished animals.


Why support a corporate industry that encourages the breeding and sale of animals there are already too many of? Those who breed millions of rabbits each year for profit are contributing to the companion animal overpopulation crisis.

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Every newborn bunny means one home fewer for a rabbit desperately waiting in a shelter or roaming the streets. Help us stop this vicious cycle.

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  • The primary purpose of rabbit rescue organizations is to match the characteristics of a rabbit that is known to them with homes that are appropriate so that the adoption is a positive experience for the rabbit and the adopters. The primary purpose of breeders and pet stores who sell rabbits is to make a profit from selling the rabbits. They are not likely to be personally familiar with an individual rabbit.

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    You are not likely to get good information from them about caring for companion rabbits. To purchase a rabbit is to condemn an equally wonderful rabbit to death and to reward people for breeding and selling rabbits for profit. This only increases the homeless rabbit population.

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