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The result is a collection that ranges from the haunting to the humorous, with stories from Latrobe Carroll, Robert W. We've found tales about war and cowboys, popes and prisoners, poverty and parrots - even stories about the nature of stories. There's also a batshit thing about a chicken. Something for everyone.

And, where possible, we've gone back to the original text for each one. Lost Souls is illustrated - magnificently - by Vincent Sammy.

Master Pandemonium

The illustrations are simply spectacular. Finally, Anne and I have added in introductory notes for each story, to help tie them together and provide a little background about each of the authors and their fascinating lives. Beneath the burning altar of the unseen worlds In an act to cover and cut off the Million ways that are yet to open The guardians preserve this truth In their vision blinding us To what might be.

A crushing might that reveals no lie Tells me of this one, the only one to be The only one I shall ever see The truth to end all truths There has only ever been this one. Organic pain collector Filled with sins of those That think and act against Show us what you have seen. In a story of grief and misspent hope The pain collector gathers all The failures of this world And keeps them on display As a warning to one and to all It motivates the following Of a strict regime But holds a greater power on its own.

Ghost of the wingless bird and various other lost souls infesting. on its way to PANDEMONIUM

That which is not to our pleasure Must be contained What can not be contained We will eliminate. Organic pain collector Spew forth what you have seen That the world may envision An alternate ending and sow The seeds to plant the beginning of A future yet unknown In the wake of thy relief Shall come a massive storm To be named the final one But all shall be as one in this release Ignorant to all but the suffering Caused by countless generations Not this one alone.

Amassed in a giant resounding blow To numb the senses of those that still stand In this action awakening the hope And a new day shall again be greeted without a sigh.


Push aside The structures that are set in stone And make your way up to the throne Your rule is of justice and wisdom and truth. A crushing might that reveals no lie Tells me of this one The truth to end all truths There will ever be this one 3. Grim are the times when this flame must arise Drawn from the bottomless depths of the earth A silent fury unleashed Breaking and shattering all that it sees.

Moving towards the remnants of a structure once proud Now ashes are the only proof of what once stood The soil is blackened by soot What has become of this glorious place? The streams that used to run by have all vaporised A flock of birds move by But the barren waste offers nothing for them All turned to ruins and left to the wind.

What can end an existence so lightly? Where now has everything gone? The definition of absolute power Reigning in silence alone.

Pandemonium. Lost Souls : Anne C Perry (editor), : : Blackwell's

A silent fury on the surface of the lake Reminding us of days and dreams That we have been denied Sordid the dreams of this world have become The water shows a warning Of the power supreme to return. Cry out in an empty hall Long grow the echoes and silence grows cold Name is forgotten and memory old. The woods will crumble and The earth it will heave Can the paralyzing fear be relieved? Dream the dream of winter again Rest in the silence it brings. Behold the firestorm of ages As it turns all that moves into naught A destruction that is boundless And a crushing force. The screams of vanity Calling the power inside to come forth In silence echoing the words that will Summon my fantasy to me Command us and the power supreme to be ours Return to dreaming Where the power lies.

In infinity the slumber shall ever be And I summon now this power to me To destroy To shatter and crush The dreams of humanity The flame it will come forth And destruction shall be. Into the arms of infinity My power it delivers thee Return to sleep again And trouble no more. The range of cloud and smoke emits a sigh The fog goes down again Dreaming of a silent end of days Cathartic cleansing in the flames so full of hate The dreamless sleep of an age has been erased 4.

The curse and the serpent in symbiosis Unite in the face of the evil one The horrors of death appear in my eyes Fury and wrath embraced in silence.

Let Chaos Come [Lyrics: Wallin]. Cry out my name as a warning Cry your fears to the wind Let them carry far and wide And hope they reach some of your kind.

Symphonic melodic blackened death metal from Sweden, since 1997

I bring you the fears of night Darkness it walks by my side And I carry in both of my arms The power to end all your time. Behind the silver screen a watcher hides Shying in the cover of night An observer and my enemy Someone I must not allow To reach my goal ahead of me Or the burden I carry will fail In its purpose to destroy you all Bringing ruin to worlds and to days.

The malice bound in me Controls my every thought And the hate for all of life Inside it burns so pure. The fire spawned in me Commands my ecstasy Like rivers of joy in my system It feeds me and tells me what I must destroy. Curse the bastard authority That forces me into this war My only wish is now to be Named a destroyer no more.

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In vain you seek a hiding for yourself From the ever approaching fate You will die alone in the rain That pours down in endless streams Like tears from the sky that mourn this day And all that were lost were for nought A figure shrouded in mist appears Shining like a being of gold. The rain upon thy soul It will not cease As long as death and hate Command your every move.

Come now Release the will Your desire will soon be instilled Recognize all the joy you have sworn off And the spell it will be broken. My mind it is dark this day Darker than ever before Freedom lies within my grasp But the darkness has given me more. Rain upon us Wash away the filth That draws the mind into black And threatens to take in us all.