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Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek

People on movie sets scream abuse at those of lesser rank and think themselves clever for making the lives of others miserable. Do you take abuse, sometimes for years, in hopes of someday making it big in the very same system that is abusing you now? And if you do make it big, will you turn into just another asshole like the ones who abuse you now? He chronicles it well, with stories and vignettes about life scuffling in LA, Even when he was doing elite security, he was still just the hired help, subject to insults and abuse from self-important jerks, legends in their own minds, because Wight barred them from entry to something.

He joined the ANSWER Coalition, immersed himself in the antiwar movement in Los Angeles, found kindred souls, camaraderie, and the satisfaction of working hard to make something meaningful happen.

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For a while it was heady times and downright inspirational. A hard core of about forty of us, gay and straight, widely varied in age, race and class, organized multiple anti-war protests that sometimes drew 50,, Palestinians worked next to Jews, 18 year olds worked with organizers old enough to be their grandfathers.

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  5. Within hours big trucks bearing new remote television broadcasting equipment rolled in from Los Angeles independent station KTLA, among others, accompanied by a young television reporter named Stan Chambers. Clearly we were going to be treated to a media circus unlike anything the nation had ever witnessed.

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    Chambers promptly informed viewers that KTLA would be carrying the Kathy Fiscus rescue story around the clock, until the bitter or happy end. The camera was tightly focused on every agonizing moment, while Chambers began calling it play by play, not unlike a sports event, while solemnly, breathlessly, conveying the urgency of it all. It was a tour-de-force performance.

    Within a few hours TV sets began selling like popcorn. Antennas sprang up overnight on rooftops all over town.

    The Hollywood Game – Misadventures in Los Angeles

    The Hollywood trade press headlined the phenomenon. There were about two million television sets in Los Angeles County when the marathon television coverage of the rescue attempts to save little Kathy Fiscus began.

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    In a span of twenty-four hours the increase in sales was too rapid to accurately measure. In , 9 percent of American homes had television sets; by the percentage had risen to 72 percent. The incoming TV tidal wave was actually a tsunami, crashing over us in part by real-time televised events from all over the country, similar to the Kathy Fiscus tragedy.

    The Hollywood Game – Misadventures in Los Angeles

    It was a happening. People riveted to their television sets were not rushing out to their neighborhood theaters to see a show when the show they were watching at home held far more drama and suspense than anything the fiction kings of Hollywood could conjure up.

    Episode 22 of 'My Hollywood Misadventures' by Allan Cole

    Theater box offices all over the country were beginning to feel the impact of the new medium.