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Archives of some of the debates on the issue can still be found online see forums. Of course, conspiracy fans would say George intended it to happen that way all along, just as with releasing the original trilogy on DVD Good job guys, I feel both happy and sad that this is a featured article.

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On one hand, it's a star wars movie. On the other, it's Phantom Menace. Keep up the good work Star Wars Wiki. Is this Because not even Titanic made that much domestically. And, that's the reason I came to this discussion page.

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I remember seeing a news show, can't remember which, that said Lucasfilm expected to break Titanic's gross income, they didn't, but I wish they had. Even though people camped our near movie theatres to be first to buy tickets to TPM, people were seeing Titanic literally 30 times. The snare , 1 February UTC. I copied this from the article: "Frank Oz as Yoda. The leader of the Jedi Council, who is apprehensive about allowing Anakin to be trained.

Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu.

This is what happens when your F-150 Raptor goes to the gym.

A member of the Jedi Council who also opposes the idea of training Anakin. Windu was the council leader, Yoda was just another member. It's counter intuitive, I know, but that's the way it was. Vince , 1 February UTC.

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Windu isn't the leader of Jedi Council. There is no clear leader, although Yoda is the most Senior member, followed by Mace Windu. Forget it. I tried rewriting parts of the article to make it read better and we have the typical Wikipedia self-elitists making things the way they want. I'm not going to sit here for hours and hours and play games with this.

Gabe , 1 February UTC. I know quite a bit in star wars and I do not believe that the sith should be classified as a "religious order. Just like the singular and plural form of deer are the same.

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But its more science then anything, the force is real relativley speaking and the lightsaber and stuff is based on science. I don't see how its a religion. Although Fumblebruschi point is well taken except i think Darth Vader was being sacarstic.

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One thing I like about this article, and that I was worried about when I set off to read it, was that the first sentence of the reaction section begins with the rottentomatoes score. Even if cherry picking is done later people can still see through it one way or the other. The rest of the article is solid too and I'm very glad to see this movie which I actually liked despite Jar Jar and the kid's bad acting get such a good article.

Quadzilla99 , 1 February UTC. The opening line is vandalism and needs to be fixed —The preceding unsigned comment was added by I readded that bit which a user removed.

It's relevant and interesting but could someone else review? As for the dispute about the ambiguity of the title - if you need to explain to someone who's already seen the film what the title refers to, it's ambiguous. It's notable from this bit of historical trivia It's worth mentioning since the historical irony of having it happen again at the lead off of the next trilogy as well. What could be the best way to integrate this?

The tag seems to have been placed with unnecessary hostility, judging from the edit summaries. Let me understand - a four day old user is going to insist on keeping trivia in the article, he's not going to make any improvements to the trivia, he's going to edit war about it, and he's calling me the edit warrior? If this trivia problem isn't solved, I'm going to ask for more eyes to look at the entirety of this article. I'm gonna bow out and leave it to the regular contributors I don't see what the big deal with the sandstorm stuff is, and it's verfable.

If someone wants to take down the tag its up to you. Sorry if I caused I any trouble by trying to help Luksuh , 1 February UTC. I was going to edit out an instance of 'Obi-Wanker', when I noticed that the whole article had been changed to simply "aaaa". What happened??

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  7. Soory for damaging the formatting of this page. I was also working elsewhere, and wasn't paying enough attention.

    Again, my apologies. Also, why is this page up for speedy deletion? Does this happen to every page that becomes a featured article?

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    The links to various video websites present various copyright and WP issues, such as spurious links. See WP:EL for a full discussion. The recent sectioning of the Reaction section seems pointless. While I can see the desire for efficiency, there is a line that has to be drawn. All of these subjects are on the subject of the public's as in not the production and distribution companies' reaction to the film.

    Hence we have a "Reaction" section.

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    This is over sectioning. There is no need to section of Fans vs. Critics as they are related to the same overall subject. In addition, I believe that user also added a bit of OR to the opening of the "Fan Reaction" section. Something can not be allowed in an FA. The section also includes racial controversy and box-office returns, which are categorically very different than fan and critical reaction. Box office, in particular, is a significant topic particularly given this film's record-setting returns and deserves more than to be lumped under "Reaction. Happywaffle , 9 March UTC.

    It bears noting that this film virtually destroyed all credibility that George Lucas had with his fans and there was a lot of hostility toward the film from fans. It is an important part of the Star Wars exostory. I have tried to edit this before with no luck. This line makes no sense and is clearly not NPOV. You say this and then follow it up by saying it was 's most successful movie and made more than any other Star Wars film to date.

    This just looks sloppy and the line should be removed. I do find the addition of Lucas' response to the criticism of the character to be well sourced and informative.