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He hides in a sack in a small storage room and promptly falls fast asleep, presumably due to his recent head injury. While Piemur sleeps with the egg tucked warmly in his shirt, the sacks are transported between to Southern Weyr, where the Oldtimers reside, and Piemur escapes without being discovered. He flees the area until the fire lizard, which he was correct to assume was a queen, has hatched. On his way to Southern Hold inhabited by pioneers from the Northern Continent, not the Oldtimers of the Southern Weyr , Piemur meets Sharra, a Healer from Southern, and helps her gather plants and herbs used by the Healers, and with the research she is conducting on the native plants of the Southern Continent.

They return to the Hold on the same day that Menolly and Sebell, who until now have been searching the Northern Continent for him, arrive at Southern Hold. Holder Toric accepts him into the Southern Hold.

Piemur is involved in a large amount of the controversial "progress" that occurs after the awakening of the AIVAS, and together with Jancis, granddaughter of Mastersmith Farandel and a Smithcraft Master in her own right, rebuilds one of the first computers. Piemur later marries Jancis, and has a son with her, Pierjan. Robinton is a central character in many different Dragonriders of Pern books set in the Ninth Pass. In Dragonquest his personality became more fully developed and this process was continued throughout Dragonsong , Dragonsinger and Dragondrums.

In The Masterharper of Pern , the story of young Robinton is the canvas for developing the backstory alluded to throughout the original Pern Chronicles. McCaffrey also used him to expand the story of Fax , allowing Robinton to provide an extra perspective on scenes that were some of her earliest writings. A musical prodigy, he surpassed both his parents by composing popular songs throughout his childhood, and becoming a Journeyman harper at fifteen.

He was faced with professional jealousy which caused estrangement from his father when young , similar to that which challenged Harpers Menolly and Piemur in Dragonsinger and Dragondrums. A wise diplomat, teacher and leader, he helped the Benden Weyrleaders, Lessa and F'lar, deal with the return of Thread and the Oldtimers, gaining the love and respect of everyone on Pern.

Of course, McCaffrey ensured that he had redeemable character flaws, such as his great fondness for wine particularly Benden wine , which could be said to have saved his life in one point in The White Dragon , when he suffered a heart attack. When Robinton eventually stepped down as Masterharper and retired to Cove Hold on the Southern Continent, he became close friends with Lytol, former Lord Warder of Ruatha Hold and a former Benden brown rider mentioned as a green rider in Dragonflight , as well as D'ram, rider of bronze Tiroth and a former Oldtimer Weyrleader of Ista.

This friendship reflects the lessening of the isolation and rigidly controlled autonomy of Weyr, Hold and Hall, which was a constant theme of the original Pern Chronicles. Robinton was quickly found and rescued, but the effects of the overdose took its toll on Robinton's health. His fire-lizard Zair, like a dragon following his rider, died with him. Robinton was laid to rest in the waters of his beloved Cove Hold, and every dragonrider, Lord Holder and Craftmaster on the planet turned out for the service. His death was a metaphor for the end of the great struggle with Thread , which had consumed the lives of all Pernese since shortly after Landing on Pern.

Mnementh is the sole mate of gold dragon Ramoth and thus the sire or ancestor of many dragons born during the Ninth Pass. He is also the second-largest dragon on Pern, after Ramoth though Ramoth is not much larger , although Jaxom 's Ruth mistakenly describes him as "the biggest dragon on all Pern". She is the mate of Mnementh, and is the largest dragon on Pern.

For a period of time at the beginning of the Ninth Pass, Ramoth was the only remaining queen dragon on all of Pern, until the queen Prideth was hatched from her first clutch. Because the two queens would not be able to repopulate the empty remaining Weyrs in time for the approaching Pass, Lessa and Ramoth jumped back in time Turns to bring forward the members of the empty Weyrs.

Ruth is the only white dragon described in the series, and is much smaller than the other dragons in the series' Ninth Pass timeline. In Dragonquest , Ruth hatches near the end of the novel. The dragon's story is expanded upon in the novel The White Dragon.

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In Dragonquest , the gold dragon Ramoth lays a clutch of eggs, one of which McCaffrey describes as small with an unusually tough shell. The weyrfolk of Benden Weyr assume that the egg will not hatch, and begin to depart from the Hatching Ground when all the other hatchling dragonets have impressed with human dragonriders. Lord Jaxom jumps from the bleachers to the Hatching Ground to assist the unborn dragonet by breaking open the shell and inadvertently Impresses the dragon, immediately causing a major uproar among the Lord Holders and the dragonriders.

After Impression, the Council decides that it has no problem with the young Lord's bond with Ruth, as it is believed that Ruth will not live long.

He does survive to maturity, although he is much smaller than the other dragons. Jaxom is able to fly on Ruth and is trained to go between. Jaxom becomes frustrated with various restrictions, such as the inability to take Hold of Ruatha and the refusal of Dragonrider status. He rebels, and attempts to teach Ruth to chew firestone.

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He discovers Ruth's innate ability to orient himself in time while practicing going between. After Jaxom and Ruth are scored by Thread in the course of their recovery of the queen egg stolen from Benden Weyr by the Oldtimers though they manage to keep what they were really doing when they were scored a secret for a long time , the Weyrfolk consent to give him firestone training and the pair are trained to fight Thread by the riders at Fort Weyr.

In addition to his small size, Ruth is notable for his hide, which though commonly regarded as white, appears to be composed of pale hues from all dragons. It is possible that Ruth is a neuter, and indeed "he" never shows an interest in mating. In addition to his physical attributes, Ruth is unusually willing to speak with humans besides his own rider, and has close and friendly relationships with fire lizards , as well as a long memory and heightened intelligence.

He also has a heightened ability to travel between to different times with the knowledge of exactly when and where he is in time and space. Grew up in Southern Hold in the Southern Continent. Together they have two children. She was essential to the annihilation of thread. When Jaxom was very ill with fire-head, an illness about which little is known save that the causal agent whatever it is is present on Southern beaches in the early spring, Ruth felt that it was necessary for her to be able to hear him. He links with Sharra and can hear her as well as Jaxom, Brekke, or Lessa.

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Before her marriage to Jaxom and moving to Ruatha Hold, she regularly supplied Master Oldive, Masterhealer of Pern, with exotic plants and extracts he uses in drug preparations. This is the derogatory term used for those from Turns past called by Lessa and Ramoth into the present Turn. Some of them were exiled to the Southern Continent because they were unable to accept the leadership of the current-day dragonriders.

The term is only usually used in reference to the older Oldtimers that were exiled south. Pern is divided into many Holds.

5 927 dragon+lettering stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

The politics between the lords of these holds provides the backdrop to many of the books. At the time of Impression, male dragonriders' names are shortened with an apostrophe. This follows a tradition carried from the First Pass, as the dragons slurred the riders' names during Threadfall. For example, Famanoran became F'nor at his Impression.

Most women will only Impress gold queens, with the exception of a few female green riders, such as Mirrim, and one blue rider, Xhinna and queens fly in a wing of their own, with agenothree tanks to sear Thread from the skies. The first instance of 'agenothree' comes from Dragonsdawn , as Drake Bonneau slurred the name of the chemical compound HNO 3.

When asked why all dragons' names end in th , Anne McCaffrey facetiously replied, "Dragons have forked tongues. They lisp"; [ citation needed ] Pernese dragons have no vocal cords, and speak only telepathically. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Death comes out of a dragon's mouth, but death does not go in that way. We shall not pretend to any understanding of the bond between dragon and dragonrider ; wiser heads have pondered that mystery for centuries.

We do know however, that dragons are not horses, to be ridden by any man who throws a saddle on their back.

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  6. Who can know the heart of a dragon? There are no more dragons known to exist The maesters tend to discount those. The writer Phyllis Eisenstein convinced George R. Martin to add dragons to A Game of Thrones. Martin dedicated A Storm of Swords to Eisenstein. Jump to: navigation , search. This article is about the creature. For the unit of money, see Currency. See also: Images of Dragons. See also: Dragonrider. Main article: Dragon egg. That means she might have been born as early as the year of House Targaryen 's arrival. Martin: The Rolling Stone Interview. Nagga Urrax. Crow Eagle Raven White raven Snow shrike.

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    Bloodfly Manticore. Kraken Leviathan Octopod. Devilgrass Piper's grass Hranna Ghost grass. Kingscopper Pennyroyal Sourleaf Tansy. Balerion The Black Dread. Prince Viserys Targaryen. A wild dragon, never ridden. Prince Aemon Targaryen. Princess Rhaena Targaryen. Hatched from an egg by Daenerys Targaryen , who placed Drogon's egg on the funeral pyre of her husband, Khal Drogo , [66] whom Drogon is named after. Princess Rhaenys Targaryen.

    Princess Jaehaera Targaryen. Lady Rhaena Targaryen.

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    Born during the Dance of the Dragons. Prince Aegon Targaryen. Hatched from an egg by Daenerys Targaryen , who placed Rhaegal's egg on the funeral pyre of her husband, Khal Drogo. A wild dragon, claimed during the Dance of the Dragons.