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Garance, I empathize completely. I also became a health nut for fertility after an egg retrieval with poor results earlier this year. After eight months of a gluten-free dairy-free caffeine-free refined grain-free low-sugar low-red meat organic local home-cooked veggie-centric high-omega 3 diet, I had another egg retrieval and just found out yesterday that the results were WORSE than in my first one. I wish our culture would do a better job of putting fads up to rigorous scientific study.

And I wish it would make room for a more real understanding of how much control any single person can have over their own health. Infertility and IVF are so hard. I hope you will find answers and a happy ending soon. I am so sorry. Sure we can cut out food groups, but in the end, a lot of life is out of our hands a dear friend of mine just got diagnosed with cancer, pff.

In the end life can be deeply unfair. I speak publicly about my own obessions slow, sustainable living on my blog, and, try to keep a low profile in public try not to patronize others. But, refusing the plastic straw in a drink, the paper or plastic bag at a shop and bringing my own containers when grocery shopping inevitably spark questions. And conversations follow, where the other person usually ends up justifying their lifestyle or sharing with me their conservation efforts.

In both cases, I try to respect their choices, and, when invited to, I share my insights. But also, sometimes, I snap. Trying to do our best. I think as individuals we discover through trial and error what food has positive and negative effects on our bodies as individuals.

Pierre Sandrin (1490?-1561?)

When people feel bad enough, they will make changes if food is part of the issue. I recently did at 51, and I too, make those annoying requests although I try to avoid it by bringing my own food to avoid that situation out of embarrassment, ahem. I adopted a plant-based diet and it was the easiest decision I ever made about food, after so many failed diet plans and feeling chronically ill.

I have more energy, have not relapsed yet and I feel good about my decision on so many levels. It is funny how we turn into those people! I think that by truly caring for yourself in these ways at the least can help improve your quality of life in so many ways. Garance, I love your posts. I am still addicted to sugar but who know, it might change! Question: What are the health podcasts you recommend? My thoughts went in the same direction. Great that you care about your health. If you want to be extra careful with the planet: cut back on air travel! Not about the environment. Otherwise she would not be on a plane… One Love.

Non je pense. Has worked well for all my 45 years and I intend to follow the same path for the next 45 years.

Tu vas me manquer sinon :. Hey Garance, good for your to take control of your health! Wtf does anyone know what moderation actually means? In I was terribly overweight with horrible skin and no energy so I did a personal experiment and found that grains were the culprit, so I gave up grains. And OMG the backlash! However, my health nut journey has been quite surprising. I was 18 then. I tried being a vegan, being a fruitarian, a lacto vegetarian and regularly fasted for a day or 3 days with fresh coconut water.

In the early days, I went extreme. I eventually found a lifestyle that suits me and does not prevent me from socialising. As much as I love myself, I also love being around my friends :. I have new issues that I need to work on but such is life. I will be okay eventually. I am no longer doing meditation and I drink coffee now. So that adds to my anxiety. But I will eventually figure out a way to deal with it. I know that at this stage in my life, I can no longer do extremes.

I will take it one day at a time. It will take time. You only need to listen to your inner voice. You know what is best for you.

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Hope you find contentment. Hi Garance.


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This post is supposed to be ironic, right? Applying this term to yourself in particular sounds like self-hate.

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I agree with the other comments about food being just another way others try to control each of us and make us ashamed of ourselves. Empathy, love and understanding for yourself is the first building block for being healthy. Please take care of yourself. Surely there is a healthy middle ground.

Holy cow, Garance!

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It sounds like you are trying new things and doing what makes you feel good. I stopped baking sweets because I was the only one eating them, and I took up sourdough bread baking no one is coming between me and my gluten! To each her own. At age 62, I swim laps and do yoga and am probably in the best shape of my life. Whatever works for you! Alors avec ou sans sucre, portez vous bien! Et vive les connasses healthy!

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I went through the difficulties of IVF treatments as well. In the end, I adopted two babies who have grown into beautiful, intelligent young people. They are the greatest joy in my life in addition to my husband of course! My connection to them is physical as well as emotional. Despite always having been an extremely rational person, I occasionally forget that they did not come from my womb!

As always, Garance, you make me laugh! Thank you for sharing another witty, self-aware post on your myriad of experiences.

They could stand to use a little self-awareness, too? Qui sait mieux que moi ce dont mon corps a besoin?