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Reply to Paolo comment : Actually, Paolo, I am the author, not the publisher, so I cannot fill that request. How to know if God in the Bible is the creator of the universe? The Bible say lord created earth years ago but the dinosaur was existed on earth millions years ago. How to say that? Adam was created on day 6, so there were five days before him.

If we add up the dates from Adam to Abraham, we get about 2, years, using the Masoretic Hebrew text of Genesis 5 and Pliny the younger was army historian at time and place. He says a man called Jesus Barabus was tried today by Pilot in the prefects palace rooms. I have stood on the self same platform in the outer wall of Pilots room. It faces Herods palace and is part of the Western wall or wailing wall. It would be hard for two men never mind Pauls 3 men so I think Paul was really something like Billy Graham. No place other in works of those born later than the said date wrote anything.

Even the so called apostles are those of pauls own department not those who as fishermen in the story. Paul was a liar and as I believe God exists Paul sinned by putting a token image before him as a God. Reply to dand comment 49 : Yes, to be be honest, dand, there is some historical evidence that supports the resurrection of Jesus. Please keep in mind that not everyone will accept every kind of evidence. Although Christians who accept the resurrection are not a neutral source, they can be gentle and respectful, personally honest, and considerate.

But later, on the road to Damascus, he had a vision and a conversation—described in Acts chapter 22—that completely reversed his attitudes and actions. But still, they persisted. They also testified boldly when on trial and preached openly despite the prospect of painful punishment, which in fact they received, reportedly without regret. These three pieces of evidence are a start, but other evidence is available on various web sites. Yours was a good question.

Best wishes, Lawrence Mykytiuk. Great article, thank you for all your hard work. Is there any proof for the resurrection of jesus. Reply to Wa comment 46 above : Your two questions are not relevant to the article, nor do they pass the test of ordinary observation.

On the streets of many cities in the world, it is easy to see that children born to the very same parents do not always have the same hair color, the same skin color, etc. Lawrence Mykytiuk Purdue University. Reply to Silver comment 45 : Your comment implies that Jesus existed, therefore it does not disagree with the article and implicitly affirms the main point that is supported by ancient writings, even from non-Christian writers.

As for the miracles of Jesus, in particular the resurrection, because these things are not treated in the article, I suggest you consult the many, many web sites that discuss this topic, gather whatever evidence you may find, and decide for yourself. Why do people of India, China or black people in america look so different of skin and hair?

Those who live in hotter, sunny climates will survive better with darker skin pigmentation an enhancement, not an evolutionary step. Those in the same conditions will foster darker-colored iris in the eye protection from brighter solar light. If he is famous people. There is also more evidence for it than against in actuality. You bring out that Noah was not a shipwrights of sorts and that would be something to be noted but reading the Genesis account of the Flood shows Noah received instructions on how to build the ark, seeing as he may have never have built a seaworthy vessel before.

Which makes since, seeing how all the ark was meant for was to float and the dimensions for the ark were perfect to maintain buoyancy and prevent capsizing. Besides, in a global Flood with no dry land for nearly a year, what use would a rudder and a keel have been? Where would they have gone? The answer seems obvious. As has been brought out, many civilizations that span years apart and thousands of miles apart all have their Flood legends. Interestingly, if you do some research and comparisons, while the details of each Flood tale may be different they all have a common thread with the Bible… Flood Legends.

Something that may also be of note is that out of all the known Flood legends around the world, the Bible presents the Flood in a much more practical and realistic way when compared to the other legends. He referred to the event in his teachings and used it as a warning such as that found in Luke , 27 and Matthew But of course, the only way to get an answer to your question is to look at the evidence and make up you own mind based upon that evidence.

Thank you, Lawrence, for such a well-written article. I much like the objectivity and the abcense of any religious partisanship or other bias that tends to color the presuppositions of some. The facts are presented and are clearly seen and logically reasoned upon. Further, there are folk stories—with considerable similarities to each other—in many societies around the world of a great flood that killed all but a few people.

Ancient Celts

How did those stories come into existence in so many societies in places so distant from each other during ancient times, if there is nothing historical about the great flood? The rest of comment 44 is pure speculation. Reply to Wa comment 39 above : The first sentence of your comment is simply an empty accusation, because it does not present any basis. Your second sentence is not related to the article, but a reply is possible. It is a principle of historical research that it is not valid history to judge earlier societies according to ethical standards that did not exist during earlier periods of time.

The laws of Moses regarding incest did not exist until the second millennium B. The Bible does not say or suggest anything that even remotely hints that God created any other humans besides Adam and Eve. Speculation about this does not establish any fact. I wonder how anyone can honestly believe god had a farmer build a boat ….. The bible is simply written by men some in the bible are false and not logical.

Was the world populated through incest or did God create others besides Adam and Eve? The Bible states that the only humans created were Adam and Eve; three of their sons were Cain, Abel and Seth, but, note in Genesis is says that Adam and Eve had other sons and daughters………so yes brothers and sisters did marry one another in the beginning.

However, when Adam and Eve were created, they were perfect, but, were disobedient and lost that perfection………. After the the flood mans lifetime gradually reduced in years to average three score and ten 70 or as Psalm says to 70 or 80 years. Paul, you can relax. Chrestos, a common name given to slaves by their Roman masters, appears in early manuscripts of the Annals, by the Roman historian Tacitus—not in the New Testament. This is not spelled out, because Tacitus repeatedly makes his point by implication; classicists point out that implication is the essence of his writing style.

He is implying that the crowd got the name wrong when he supplies the correct name of the one whom Christians followed. Actually, Christus is a title, but neither Tacitus nor the crowd knew that. They assumed it was his name. Reply to Paul comment 34 above : Paul, you can relax. Repy to Luxorion comment 33 above : The sensationalist claims of James D. Meyers, New Testament scholar Mark Goodacre, and others. To claim that DNA evidence is necessary might sound sophisticated but is unnecessary and, as your comment seems to acknowledge, unrealistic.

Not only is the Bible we have today a reliable rendering of the ancient writings; it is by far the best documented collection of ancient texts in existence!

History of Paris - Wikipedia

By the way, there are many excellent modern versions of the Bible out there. The newer versions that the Gideons distribute are well grounded in the ancient texts of Scripture. The article goes to considerable lengths to approach the question of the real existence of people in the Bible as objectively as possible.

It is a detailed, reasonable treatment of ancient texts by three ancient writers whose backgrounds are very different from each other: Tacitus the historian who believed in the gods of Rome, Josephus the Jewish historian, and Lucian of Samosata, the Greek satirist. All three agree that Jesus existed. I am open to differing interpretations of the evidence, provided they are well grounded.

In making this smear, you offer no basis in the article, and, indeed, no rationale at all.

This treatment of the evidence in the article deserves a better response than the facile implication that all efforts at fair handling of the evidence it treats are useless. Very nice review. What a job you did. Thanks for sharing it. Reply to Moody comment 30 above : Thank you for your well articulated questions. I happen to be a Christian.

I think the evidences are worth examining. At the same time, my dear friends of many faiths are entirely free to believe otherwise. So how did my subjective experience come to engage with it? My comment 45 on page 2 of these comments and replies you are now looking at page 4 might reveal what you would like to know. Moody, in the next paragraph, I partly quote and partly paraphrase what I said to Rene in that comment. Some years ago I was intensely doubting my doubts and searching a bit, when I stumbled on some evidence that I found to be very convincing: Psalm 22, which was definitely written in Hebrew and translated into Greek in the centuries before Jesus lived, when compared with Matthew chapter 27, seemed to me and still seems, after considerable study to present not an airtight case, but one that I find very persuasive.

I just wish people would not dismiss it out of hand. On to the crucial question: Does revealing my beliefs taint the objectivity of the article?



Is everything written by Christians about Christian subjects automatically not valid? Or everything written by Jews about Jewish subjects? Or by Muslims about Islamic subjects?