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It can be easily integrated into your construction business, making your life easier almost instantly. With all of these features and tools, PM software will help you win more construction projects than ever before. PM software increases collaboration by giving employees a platform to share documents, timelines and updates.

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Often, many people are involved in completing one task. Through this increase in collaboration, people can get things done faster and more efficiently. The solid collaboration will show through in your project, increasing your chance of winning future construction projects.

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Without PM software, scheduling can be a nightmare. PM software enhances the scheduling process by allowing managers to input start and end dates for specific tasks.

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With this tool, everyone is held accountable for due dates. Staying on schedule will prove your reliability as a subcontractor and help you win construction projects in the future. Sometimes it can be hard to stay in constant communication with your clients and vendors. Typically, there are many players involved in a big construction project. These stakeholders may include clients, investors, engineers, architects, project managers, specialty contractors, regulators, zoning boards and oversight committees.

With more players come more individual interests.

Each of these stakeholders has their own unique perspective on the project and priorities. The things that matter most to investors and lenders, for example, are different than those of a project oversight committee. Larger projects also have larger stakes. Bigger construction projects are more complicated and require more finesse to win.

Here are the three things you need to do to win bigger projects and grow your business. Errors can kill your profit margin, and the impact is only magnified on larger-scale projects. You need a standardized and efficient estimating process.

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One that allows you to create estimates that leave no item unaccounted for and that facilitates internal reviews before you can tackle the customization piece. A database-driven cost catalog can help you avoid common estimating errors altogether, plus make them easier to remedy if they do happen. Your cost catalog should be populated with your common assemblies—including materials, labor, and associated costs—and cost formulas. Your team can rely on this database to create more consistent and accurate bids.

How to Win and Manage Construction Projects

To further prevent potentially costly mistakes, you need to safeguard your estimates with a clear audit trail. Each stakeholder could require different content, metrics, details, formatting and delivery methods to say yes to your bid. Pay attention to the group dynamics and identify the role and influence of each key stakeholder. Ask questions to identify their main concerns and ascertain what they need to see in an estimate or report. Do they prefer charts and graphics overwritten text? Knowing this will help you further tailor your estimates and reports to be received in the best possible light, from the conceptual bid through project completion and post-project audit reporting.

On a large or complex project, where any opportunity to increase value while reducing costs is welcomed, value engineering is essential. Knowledge OnLine is a repository and forum that allows employees to access information and technical experts to solve problems from any location around the world.

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MasterPlant provides total solutions for all project phases, supporting engineering activities from project conception to construction and facilities turnover. Fluor uses a project collaboration and document management tool for engineering, procurement and construction management projects. Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode.

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