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Sat with my 4 year old son yesterday, quizzing him on the alter-egos of his favorite superheroes. An idea for someone more industrious than I, and with a bit more computer acumen, to put into action. Perhaps we could do a vote to determine the favorite HMHB tune among the fine folks on this site. I was on the Fall website a while back, and they did a single-elimination tournament of every Fall song, seeding every tune not sure how and pitting one v. This would be great fun, and would yield some interesting matchups..

Sounds like an idea.

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Leave it with me. Any suggestions as to the format, email me directly. I got off the train yesterday and had no bus fare so had to walk. My mate Jeff Dreadnought and I played a similar game on the way up to the Bilston gig in the car. However, we let the Ipod do the selections so there was no seeding, and the aim was to find the best album, allowing each album to field whatever song came up for that round. They did a similar knockout on the Wedding Present forum too and it was quite entertaining and also quite surprising.

The camera panned to the audience to show them singing along with Nigel. Suddenly I was no longer watching on TV but was actually at the gig. After the last song, the band started packing up their gear and leaving the hall. All but Nigel had left the hall when I noticed one of those squeezebox type concertinas lying on the stage, which for some reason I referred to as an accordion. Then he walked away without a word. I was soooo disappointed! I bought a new telly yesterday. After three and a quarter hours of rolling around on the floor, I switched it on and who is the first person to greet me?

I was recently pointed in the direction of this link Jailbirds. I wonder if any of them have spotted a Marsh fritillary yet. I just picked an email off the printer, printed by a colleague.

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I handed over the email and asked my colleague if said emailer cared for their feet. Then, when re-tracing the route he took, they showed the roadside store that was the last place he stopped before setting off on the final leg of his journey. It was called…. Top quality Biscuitry that, Bobby.

No wonder Deano was momentarily sidetracked from his fast living and dying young. They also offer die-cast model cars.. Maybe splash a dollop of jam on it for added authenticity. Sounds like a real comfy position. What, as opposed to non-mainstream organised religions, or mainstream disorganised religions? I know a few Catholic priests, including some fairly senior ones, who would laugh ruefully at your idea of them living a life of luxury. I suppose it makes a change from incessant jibes about paedophiles, mind you.

Still, a nice merging of ovine metaphors there Bobby. Les, I suppose I should clarify here.

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I realise, of course, that even the lowliest priest is part of that hierarchy, so I should have been more specific in my choice of words. I was referring to cardinals, bishops, archbishops etc. However, your response illustrates the point perfectly. Surely the papal entourage could perform their duties just as well in a Travelodge as they can in a luxury hotel without the British taxpayer having to fork out anything?


A friend of mine just got a job in a certain Dutch town and has set up a blog to record his adventures. As I walked through Embankment tube what was Nigel singing? Okay Lads, enough with the weird, obscure choice of venues. I get it.

All walks include:

Just watching a repeat of the cricket world cup on Sky, in which Vanburn Holder played. Sadly no sign of grindcore outfits, but it was quite refreshing to see batsman not wearing helmets and Roy Fredricks hooking Lillee for six only to fall on his stumps. Ah, nostalgia; although I was only one when it took place.

First gig 2nd March, in New Brighton. At least he stuck to the facts.

Kent Pub Walks

Disappointingly, he fails to furnish us with any information beyond this. Since the smoking ban, I have been seeking alternative uses. I watched Mastermind last week for the first time in years. I was multi-tasking at the time in grim defiance of my gender so may have missed more, so I plan to review on iPlayer. Had a minor PBR this evening. And in reference to the same song, I recently had a week-long PBR when I had flu and my head felt like sponge.

I knew it, or rather guessed it. I loved that film when I were a nipper. English is a flexible language — I think Charles may have used it to annoy Neil who made the exact same post. I challenge those who object to a duel. Hampstead Heath at dawn next Tuesday in church hall if wet. Name your weapon.

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The plural of oaf is oafs, whether it sounds mad or wrong to you or not. To me it sounds perfect.

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Just noticed in the Leamington Observer, an august journal, that Jan Akkerman is playing there next month. No dogs were available, it seems. Was the third umpire Jeff Dreadnought by any chance?

giswordningrente.ga Playing there on May 25th is Marianne Faithfull. Bob will cycle more than miles via every Premiership Club in England and Hampden Park in his homeland of Scotland.

Top Walks in Kent with a pub and attraction

And much better than Cuba. Then drove up to see my folks, which involved not only driving past the beautiful sparkling waters of Bath in Avon, Stroud but not too near , Yate, but also narrowly failed to make it past Parbold by Not to mention at least two sets of two-chevrons-apart signs. And Stapeley Water Gardens flaskless.

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  5. Looking up — there was the Goodyear Airship flying over my head.