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Signing up for a bachelor auction was not part of the deal. Unless Hope Goodwin agreed to outbid all the other women i Even when all his buddies are jumping ship, one sexy But when a sensitive mission goes disastrously wrong, three of the team's finest will have to trust their hearts and instincts to uncover the truth… Lieutenant Elijah Prescott One night.

Two SEAL brothers.

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Endless sexy possibilities! He's determined to win a bet with his brother -- until he collides with the luscious Vivian Harris. Their attraction is immediate a But when a sensitive mission goes disastrously wrong, three of the team's finest will have to trust their hearts and instincts to uncover the truth… "No man left behind" is ins But he sure as hell isn't pr Being the best means making sacrifices, but do vows made at 16 hold true at Never underestimate a sexy, stubborn SEA Her magic, his town, their love What's a girl determined to get rid of her reputation as being pure as driven snow to do?

Find a prince of a guy to help her out, of course. Bianca White was sick and tired of being as sweet as sugar and pure as snow. What she wanted was a hot, wild Gia Renyard has it together - job, apartment, friends -- but she's never had that super hot sexual adventure. After the ultimate makeover she makes her move on coworker Luke Monroe, convinced he will never recognize her staid office persona after the A sexy solider home on leave getting crazy over a girl all wrong for him… who feels so right.

Hot kisses, sexy shoes and a midnight rendezvous — the perfect recipe for Happy Ever After. Throw in a fairy godmother with personal agenda, I have a Nocturne book raring to go for you guys in the competition. We are thrilled to offer writers an opportunity to submit their work. Is anyone targeting Harlequin Shivers? Along with our 19 series, we are open for contest submissions for Shivers as well. Thanks for the opportunity to ask a question. It is primarily a romance that takes place in a small town, but there are a lot of suspense elements — someone is after the heroine.

Any thoughts? Also, can one participate in the So You Think You Can Write contest if another publisher is reviewing their work for publication, whether it be in print or in e-book format?

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Is there anyway that you all can tell me what specifically separates the two from one another? Bren—you might have to do some reading. Depending on the level of romance and suspense it could be Romantic Suspense, Intrigue, Superromance or even Heartwarming. How much of the manuscript should be completed before I submit it? American Romance is one of our Home and Family lines, and our specialty is cowboy heroes. Looking forward to a great week. Desire novels are set in a world of wealth, glamour and power; the hero is always alpha with a heart of gold ; the conflicts are very high-stakes and emotional; and while the sensuality level is high, the language is euphemistic and romantic.

Kathleen may be able to speak more to what Blaze is looking for right now, but I believe that line is much less euphemistic than Desire when it comes to sexual descriptions; the stories usually center on a sexy premise e. Also, our heroes tend to be down-to-earth guys. Mostly not all blue collar.

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Lots of military men, cowboys, and more. Blaze is the sexiest of all of our series, and we tend to get a bit graphic! Yes, we are not shy in Blaze. Both can be romantic and steamy — but in a different way.

follow link That said, if the Heartwarming Editors really like your chapter they may be able to wait for the complete. Starting September 23 writers can submit the first chapter and a word pitch aimed at the New Adult Romance series.

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Submissions will be posted exclusively on Wattpad for comment and voting. Harlequin editors will judge the top 25 manuscripts and select four winners who will be published in the New Adult Romance line. What Mary-Theresa said. I thank you for the feedback. It was very helpful. So I will finish it up, sample some Desire, and see. Thank you again for the feedback.

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A word of advice to everyone stopping by this week. We open for contest submissions on Monday Sept 23rd. Thanks so much for this opportunity. This is my first time for me, and I will be submitting to the Nocturne series. I hope to learn a lot this week! As the first chapter submission day draws nearer i keep wavering between entering and not going for it.

Is it exciting enough for the Nocturne Line? But, I am not going to chicken out like I did last year. Hi Anne, Glad you stopped by and that you are enjoying the week. Good luck with your Nocturne submission! Go for it! I love when writers encourage one another. But take a chance. Good luck! Just took my spaniel for a walk and gave myself a good talking to. Siren you will enter just as I will, Just wondering if my chapter grabbing enough and good enough.

They represent different series. Again, the are all different projects. Can I enter a different book in a different series? Thank you. Hi, I am wondering if I can enter a Young Adult romance? If so, which series do I target? Please help! The rules are only one entry per contestant though I believe the New Adult contest can be a separate entry.

Kristy— At this time we are focused on the series with only the Shivers line from Harlequin Digital First program. There will not be a Digital First Teen category this year. That said, you can, of course, submit directly to the Harlequin Digital First Teen program through the Writing Guidelines page! I have a question about the editorial shift in Harlequin Romance. Since the shift to more aspirational stories and heroes I was wondering what were some of the core differences between Harlequin Romance and Harlequin Presents other than the sensuality level?

What authors or books are the best examples of the new editorial shift? Thanks Kim. Hey, everyone! Hi Kim, Thanks for your question. Bryony Bryonty. I hope we find many new authors to welcome into the Harlequin family. Changes have been made to the first chapter as well as the entire manuscript. Is this allowed? After all, that kind of work really makes it a new story. Good luck and remember the contest submission form will be up and live at 10am EST on Monday, September 23! The news however came at a personally devastating time.

A few short weeks ago a ghastly mistake was made by someone else and they destroyed every bit of work I had, along with everything else I owned. So entering the contest when all my stories are gone, is without a doubt a hard thing for me to do but I feel the need to jump back on the horse so to speak is a very important thing to do at this point.

However my next problem is that at first I believed my story best suited the intrigue genre.

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Nor can the story really progress with eliminating the minor intrigue aspect. Any ideas on a more befitting genre to choose? One where the intrigue eliminate takes a bit of a back seat perhaps. I know this is elementary, but do I need to number the ms pages?

The heroine is close to my heart — she is both strong and vulnerable. I hope you enjoy it. Editors, I would love your feedback. It will all appear on screen in a block! Kirsty— Not dumb!