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I'm goin' back to New Berlin my burden drives me there. I'll stay there for the rest of my life at the house of the Setting Sun. The embodiment of young love, Karl and Karla sing of holding hands, quiet strolls, and picnics in the rolling hills. They long for a peck on the cheek and a date to the cinema. And don't worry, they'll be home by curfew and so will your little lovebirds! English Translation: Brave, little darling, Further away than I like, Brave, little darling, You shape the day, Take care of yourself and stay with me, If I'm telling you, My little darling.

Brave, little darling, I am yours, you are mine, Darling, so lovely and cool as the Rhine, Give me a glass, From your sweet wine, My little darling. I miss the flower in your hair, The Schnitzel, which we ate as a pair, It gives me strength to know you're there, Until you are back, I will come back to my Brave little darling, Till then, dream nice, Dreams so sweet like bavarian creme, Steadfast like the Alps, in Bavaria forever stay,. I must do my duty, I know and I'm proud of you, Brave, little darling, I'll stay loyal.

Donnerwetter, blauer Blick, komm mach dich bereit!

Die Regeln sind ganz einfach, wir spielen zu zweit! Es sind gute Zeiten auf die wir zielen Macht keinen Sinn, den Dummen zu spielen! Die Regeln sind ganz einfach, wir Spielen zu zweit! English Translation: Spoken Alright!

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It is this feeling, it takes you completely; There is a danger you will forever completely mine. Gosh, blue eyes, come on! The rules are very simple, we play together! These are good times we are aiming for Does not make sense to play the stupid! You always play the fool If you say you do not enjoy it; Come on, it's a farce!

Ich wache auf und gehe, durch Felder in die Sonne, in die Sonne. English Translation: Early on a purple morning you wake up from your dream Sunbeams on the face, keeping silence free.

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Love flows around us and see everything The red eyes of the miraculous beasts save us again. The still-loving eye looks and is red as my heart We are everywhere, flying in your dreams The steel watcher's seeing eye watches every movement. I wake up and walk through fields into the sun, into the sun. Mysterious creatures hide everywhere; reflect light with her shiny skin And her red eyes pierce my soul and surround me like an endless meadow of tall red flowers. And I go so that a thousand eyes can see me and capture each of my movements.

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We are everywhere and fly in your dreams The animal with the red eye We see clearly that this war could only end with the extermination of the Germanic peoples, or that Jewry must disappear from Europe. I already said it on September 1, [sic] in the German Reichstag For once all the others will not bleed to death alone; for once the ancient Jewish law will come into play: an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth. Speech of January 30, monitored by the Allied monitoring service.

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The Bolshevist monster, to which they want to deliver the European nations, will someday tear them and their people to pieces. The Jew will not however exterminate the European peoples, rather he will be the victim of his own plot. I have also left no doubt that, if the nations of Europe are again to be regarded as mere shares to be bought and sold by those international money and finance conspirators, then that race, Jewry, which is the real guilty party in this murderous struggle, will be saddled with the responsibility.

I also made it clear that this time, not only would millions of children of European Aryan races starve, not only would millions of grown men meet their death, and not only would millions of women and children be burned or bombed to death in the cities, but that the real culprit would atone for his guilt, even if by more humane means.

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The most fearsome example of this kind is Russia where he Jewry allowed 39 million humans in truly fanatical wildness to die or starve in inhuman agony, in order to secure the mastery of a great people for a gang of Jewish literati and stock exchange bandits. Blare the Bright Fanfares" is a Hitler Youth marching song. The text of the song, published in , comes from Baldur von Schirach and is based on a melody by UFA composer Hans-Otto Borgmann , originally used in a documentary on Svalbard island.

Motifs from the song are used throughout the film, underlying representations of the Hitler Youth, in contrast to The Internationale and jazz motifs in scenes from a socialist "commune". Many pre SA songs were based on older German folk melodies, while there were instances in which SA combat songs copied the melodies of rival Red Front Fighters songs, which were in turn based on Russian marches. A German military marching song of the Wehrmacht armored troops Panzerwaffe , " Panzerlied " was composed in In , the Bundeswehr was banned from publishing songbooks containing Panzerlied and other marching songs by the Minister of Defence Ursula von der Leyen as part of new efforts at denazification.

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The first recording of the song was published by the company Electrola around the early s. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Horst-Wessel-Lied. Fordham University. Retrieved 12 May Brockhaus, Friedrich Arnold , ed. San Jose, California: R.