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The most significant event during this time was the publication in —55 of a six-volume edition of his works. Apart from some witty epigrams, the edition contained the most important of his Leipzig comedies. Middle-class writers had long wanted to do away with the traditional class distinctions in literature, whereby heroic and tragic themes were played out by aristocratic figures, while middle-class characters appeared only in comedy.

Lessing was, in fact, not the first German writer to challenge this tradition, but it is fair to say that his play marks the decisive break with the classical French drama that still dominated the German stage.

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Its reflective prose skillfully lays bare the psychology of the situation—a conflict between the demands of virtue and the heart, between conscience and passion—and its characters are finely drawn. The plot centres on an innocent, sensitive heroine of a bourgeois family; she becomes the victim of Lady Marwood, her vampirelike rival in love, who disregards all restraints and inhibitions, and of Mellefont, a weak man who vacillates between the two women but finally atones for his guilt by his death.

In its four essays he aimed to defend independent thinkers such as the Reformation-period writers Johannes Cochlaeus and Gerolamo Cardano , who had been unjustly slandered and persecuted. From this point on, Lessing was justly feared as a literary adversary who used his command of style as a finely honed weapon.

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  3. Die alte Jungfer und der Dieb ; Das Medium!
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The philosopher Moses Mendelssohn and the writer and publisher C. Tragedy, Lessing maintained, should not preach morality but rather should arouse admiration and pity in the audience as evidence of emotional involvement. The central point of these was a vigorous attack on the influential theatre critic J.

Gottsched for his advocacy of a theatre modeled on French drama, especially that of the 17th-century tragedian Pierre Corneille. Lessing maintained that the courtly, mannered drama of France was alien to the German mentality. Instead, he demanded a truly national drama, belonging to the people, based on faithfulness to nature and reality.

He urged German playwrights to take Shakespeare as their model. In the 17th Literaturbrief he published a stirring scene from his own fragmentary Faust drama.


Die alte Jungfer und der Dieb ; Das Medium

He thus paved the way for his young contemporary Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and his great dramatic version of the Faust story. In Lessing published some masterly prose fables , largely social criticism, and with them an essay on the fable form itself, in which he formulated the particular laws of the genre by analyzing its didactic and allegorical structure.

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In Lessing went to Breslau as secretary to General Tauentzien, the military governor of Silesia. In the Laokoon Lessing attempted to fundamentally define the separate functions of painting and of poetry. NEW from. The Paul Noble.

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    Translation of Jungfer from the Collins German to English. Quick word challenge Quiz Review. Wir spielte jeden Tag Tennis. Elis and Els meet in an inn.

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    Els, a typical Schreker femme fatale, is paired off by her father, but she dislikes her prospective husband intensely and therefore arranges for him to be murdered by her servant Albi the day before their wedding. Elis gives Els an emerald necklace that he found in the forest. They fall in love. Elis has no idea that this is the jewellery that he has given Els.

    After an intoxicating night together, she gives Elis the jewellery on the condition that he never asks her about how she received it. Els is going to be put to death, but the jester reminds the king about his promise.