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During the development of the construction documents, our Project Development team will work closely with the Project Management team reviewing the plans and specifications to provide an overall constructability assessment of the design documents. This is a valuable process to ensure that the project reflects the way the project will be built in the field including critical details. Our goal is that the project will not contain design roadblocks, and that design alternatives are presented to the team for review prior to the final construction drawings. This will not only save valuable design time and cost, but will save valuable time in the field.

Along with this review, the project development team, staffed by our experienced estimators develop and update a detailed project budget, including value engineering options, alternate pricing, and other options. These budgets are detailed, giving specific line-by-line breakdowns of all work to be performed, including quantities, unit pricing and assumptions. The budget is developed using input from our project managers, superintendents, architects, engineers and the client.

Pricing key items with subcontractors and suppliers enables us to validate our unit costs in our estimate and eliminate any items that could impact the budget adversely.

We can do this without obligation to any subcontractor or vendor. This supplemental budget contains all construction costs, but also tracks all non-construction expenditures which will impact the overall project cost, such as architect and engineering fees, furnishing costs, equipment costs, technology and other costs not specifically covered within the construction budget.

Our clients have found this budget to be valuable in managing their projects because it represents the true cost of their project. Schedule development is, like our budgets, done on a continuous basis to provide the most accurate schedule structure possible. Every aspect of the work is scheduled in detail, with project phases, milestones, and objectives, and long lead items input to create a critical path for the project.


Input from the entire project team, along with lead times, fabrication, delivery and installation requirements from our sub-contractors, are accounted for within the schedule. Our web based software is designed to make every sales person shine and every project manager come in under budget while saving time in the process.

Simple big buttons make for an easy interface that allow users to annotate plans and easily create RFIs or internal Issues saving significant time. Our mobile interface requires minimal training. User dashboards are customized based on roles. Data is filtered by Division and Subdivision with the ability for an Administrator to restrict user priviledges.

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Track leads and opportunities designed for construction out of the box. Powerful bid tracking from budget to awarded with document management. Give your estimators and salespeople an easy way to view projects that are bidding in the future while tracking past bids for easy follow-up. Managers can easily see which salespeople are on top of their customers and which are falling behind before it is too late.

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Invite subcontractors by giving them access to plan management for FREE. Upload unlimited plans and specifications while tracking new releases such as addenda, bulletins, etc. Use our drag and drop estimating tool to select cameras, door strikes, access control, fire detection, etc quickly to build a scope of work. Quickly create service agreements by choosing equipment with predetermined tasking and rates to generate your Preventative.

Maintenance proposals. An easy to use and quick to implement service repair tool gives your technicians ability to up sell customers in the field. Strongly connects subcontractors and field workers to the office.

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Majority of all functions can be done on our mobile interface. Salespeople can easily view all the open opportunities and bids for customer follow-up helps increase sales dramatically. We specialize in understanding how an MEP contractor needs to communicate between its subcontractors and customers. Amazing sales and marketing tools to track opportunities and bids providing you with powerful reporting tools for sales and management. The general contractor considers the cost of home office overhead, general conditions, materials, and equipment, as well as the cost of labor, to provide the owner with a price for the project.

The general contractor may be the construction manager or construction manager at high risk. A general contractor is responsible for providing all of the material, labor, equipment such as engineering vehicles and tools and services necessary for the construction of the project.

Construction Management

A general contractor often hires specialized subcontractors to perform all or portions of the construction work. When using subcontractors, the general contractor is responsible for the quality of all work performed by any and all of the hires. A general contractor's responsibilities may include applying for building permits, advising the person they are hired by, securing the property, providing temporary utilities on site, managing personnel on site, providing site surveying and engineering, disposing or recycling of construction waste, monitoring schedules and cash flows, and maintaining accurate records.

In the United Kingdom and some British Commonwealth countries, the term 'general contractor' was gradually superseded by 'main contractor' during the early twentieth century. General contractors who conduct work for government agencies are often referred to as "prime contractors". This term is also used in contexts where the customer's immediate contractor is permitted to sub-contract or circumstances are likely to involve sub-contracting to specialist operators e.

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Licensing requirements to work legally on construction projects vary from locale to locale. In the United States, it is the states' responsibility to define these requirements: for example, in the state of California , the requirements are stated as follows:. In every state that requires a license , a surety bond is required as part of the licensing process, with the exception of Louisiana, where bonding requirements may vary in different parishes. In the United States, there are no Federal licensing requirements to become a general contractor, although most states require general contractors to obtain a local license to operate.

General contractors often start out as construction workers. While gaining work experience, they learn about different aspects of construction, including masonry , carpentry , framing , and plumbing.

Aspiring general contractors communicate with subcontractors and may learn the management skills they need to run their own company. Experience in the construction industry as well as references from customers, business partners, or former employers are demanded. Some jurisdictions require candidates to provide proof of financing to own their own general contracting firm. General contractors often run their own business. They hire subcontractors to complete specialized construction work and may manage a team of plumbers, electricians, masons, carpenters, iron workers, and other specialists.

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