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The hardest and why? Jeckran was the easiest to write because his ways of thinking and speaking are the closest to my own.

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Ask it and answer it! Q: Are there any enormous trolls sitting in tiny armchairs and drinking out of tiny teacups in your book? A: Yes. Yes there are.

How very charming. About C. Waggoner C. Waggoner is at work on her next novel. Twitter CMWaggoner2.

Waggoner , Unnatural Magic. Haywood; and Husk by D. Qwill's Thoughts The Blackbird and the Ghost relates the story of Tal Wenlock, a slightly magical tomb raider and amateur historian. Tal is not perfect but is bright, mostly good-natured, and sort of has a heart of gold. He knows he's flawed. He acknowledges he's a thief and more, but he has a very good reason for the personal quest he is now on. Steer slowly unwinds the reason that Tal is looking for a particular treasure never giving away too much until the ultimate reveal. The worldbuilding is exceptional. Steer's descriptive powers are top notch.

The reader gets a true sense of place whether on a sailing ship crossing the Boiling Seas, in a local bar in the town of Port Malice, or underground in a long buried palace. The descriptions never overwhelm the story which is driven by Tal and his search. In addition to the inventive worldbuilding, Steer develops his main character well. You really get to know Tal Wenlock and start to get to know a character introduced later in the story who I hope we see more of. No spoilers here. As a rule I don't like prologues but the prologue in The Blackbird and the Ghost did not bother me much to my amazement.

It is a nice starting point to the story, invests the reader in Tal, is not too long, and does not give the ending away. Well done. Steer ties up the main story with no cliff-hangers and with intimations of adventures to follow. The Blackbird and the Ghost is an exciting and well-paced novel with wonderful worldbuilding, a terrific main character, and a deeply engaging plot. You'll find that this is one of those books that is hard to put down.

Disaster's Children is published on November 5, by Little A. The Qwillery : Welcome to The Qwillery. I had literally never heard of Kafka. The moral of the story? I begin by writing fairly detailed outlines in sparse bullet point form, then I go back and fill each beat in with character details, phrases, snatches of dialogue, etc, and I keep adding to it until the outline document eventually gets too unwieldy. Relatedly, the fact Twitter exists. As I grow and develop as a writer, though, I find myself better able to withstand that unconscious mirroring.

The other thing not mentioned in the description is that my protagonist, Marlo, is an adoptee. What appeals to you about writing dystopian fiction? I was also drawn to the idea of cults and other cloistered communities that exist on the fringes of society, but I wanted this community to be free of the usual hallmarks of cult life—a bedrock of religious zealotry; a single charismatic leader—and instead be entirely committed to rationalism, democratic decision-making, and secular living.

There is a truly depressing amount of material available, unfortunately, outlining the various ways in which the planet is being fucked up, perhaps irrevocably.

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I also kept reading about various billionaires who were buying up these tracts of land in remote, relatively pristine places like New Zealand as insurance against the coming environmental and humanitarian crises, and that became a fascinating rabbit hole of intel that cemented the decision to have my ranchers be a wealthy, extremely privileged set. The stereotype of doomsday preppers being these paranoid, disenfranchised hillbilly types is starting to feel outdated, and I wanted the book to reflect that subtle shift. It conveys the precise mood I wanted—a scene depicting the natural world that is both beautiful and unsettling, as if something terrible is lurking just beyond the misty forest.

I also love the addition of the little bee next to my name. Wolf was more difficult in that he has secrets that could only be revealed gradually, and characters that have an unreliable aspect are always tricky to portray—you want a reader to be intrigued but not frustrated by the gaps in their story. I wanted to explore not only the physical threats but the huge psychological effects that eco-anxiety is having on people, and the various ways in which humans around the world might deal with that.

Do we become activists and agitate for change? These are the moral questions at the heart of the story, and I hope they provide a compelling reason to stick around and find out which my characters choose! Well, funny you should ask! Meanwhile, in a kingdom, far, far, away by Helio J Cordeiro Short, Comedy - It is about a fight between families in a kingdom, far, far, away or if you like about lot of bad language and sexual perversity.

Meat by Robbie Hardy Short, Drama, Dark Drama - A short character study, looking at the relationship between a psychopathic father and his young son. Mecha by Spencer Paradise Sci Fi - In a dystopian future a girl discovers a mighty beast that may help her win a war between man and machine.

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In same time, she fights for the right to love and be loved. Medea faces with treachery, faithlessness and brutally takes revenge. Meet Jane Doe by Jacqueline Gault Drama - A shy toy store employee is accused of a murder committed by a saucy burlesque group headliner. Is Jane really as innocent as she appears or is she hiding a dark secret - a secret so dark that not even she herself is aware of?

Find out what happens when she discovers that everything she thought she knew about herself and her life turns out to be an illusion. Meet You At The Bijou! Fortunately, her alcoholic mother, her indifferent boyfriend, her dead father, and an invisible lesbian angel with a cell phone talk her into standing up and going out the door. Meladori by Mark Lyons rc Short, Western - A perversely wounded woman scours the Southwest Territories in search of the notorious cheat who had coined her the nickname Inside-Out Meladori.

Yet some harbor gifts which cannot be explained, which is why one woman is the answer to its evolution. Melted by Keith McDuffee Short, Romantic Comedy - Two quirky lovers find themselves in dire straits, as they struggle against all odds to bring themselves back together and ever closer. Mem by Sandra E. Why those symbols and tricks with the pen? Must be Mem. Now, his cousin Darren is venturing to a hostile town for answers.

Memories by Michel J. Duthin Short, Drama - Sometimes dramas are buried deeper than we think. Memoris by Troy Oates Drama, Crime - A hitman for the mob sits in a hotel room, and remembers his life as he tells his story. He recounts the good times and the bad in his life, and what brought him to be the man he is today.

The Memory Map by Bill Sarre Thriller - After a traumatic mission, a covert agent goes on the run only to discover that her survival depends on an experimental procedure to unlock part of her memory. Memory of an Investigation by Lochlan Bloom Short, Drama - A detective must grapple with his own memory as he investigates the disappearance of a young girl. Menace by August Tsutsumi Short, Drama, Crime, Action - Two vigilantes dig up and expose evidence on criminals whom have not been arrested.

When one is killed by a group of these criminals, his partner and successor hunts them all down. Mendacity by Tasheka Smith Drama, Thriller - A run away rape victim's past comes knocking at her front door and her unaware husband answers. Now to keep her newly created family she has to return home and slay her demon, in doing so dead bones start to fall-out of the closet and shocking secrets are coming to light.

Mercenary: Soldier of Fortune by Guy Jackson Action - A Canadian born soldier who has moved to America and become a mercenary for hire, is sent on an assassin mission. However in Canada, a revolution is brewing against the United States. Jason at first could care less about a war, because that would mean more work for him.

But when the terrorist faction takes away the one thing he does care about, Jason embroils himself fully against the faction. Merchant of Death, The by Andrew M. Henderson Thriller - Born incapable of the sensation of pain, The Merchant of Death is the ultimate serial killer.

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Becoming bored with his increasing success, The Merchant lures several elite death dealers from across the globe with a self-imposed bounty, while an obsessed FBI Agent mercilessly pursues the man who left his life in ruins. Merciless by Jonathan Matthews jaybronxny Horror - The past and present of a small town sheriff and a abused woman are linked to a mysterious killer.

Mercury by Dan Chant Action - Deep in the heart of Los Angeles an upcoming presidential candidate has been kidnapped and taken to a company responsible for the design of the Mercury Chip, a chipset favoured by military and government operations. The police, organised by Chief Mike Irons, mount their rescue with snipers on nearby buildings and send in an experienced S. Mercy by T.

Melinda Barron

A young runaway gets into trouble at a roadside diner. Mercy by Mark Moore irish eyes Short, Drama - An ailing elderly man and his loving wife revisit defining moments in his past. The Merger - Pilot by David Smith Series, Comedy - The hospitality industry can be brutal, never more so than after an aggressive takeover.

Our hero, a middle manager put in charge of the new acquisition goes through a tough time sorting the wheat from the chaff under the ever critical eye of a bullying HR director.