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Huntington also remembers OARS taking important stakeholders down the river at no cost, as well as river guides facilitating Friends of the River talks and letter-writing campaigns on every trip. In spite of all of this, the dam was completed in and would slowly begin to fill.

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If the water continued to rise, it would kill him. This would be no stunt. Dubois was willing to die if he could delay filling the reservoir all the way to Camp Nine—where we had started our trip—long enough for America to come to its senses. After 10 days, Dubois ended his protest and many organizations would also call for the protection of the Stanislaus.

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The fight was over. For George, the loss of the Stanislaus became the galvanizing force to help protect the nearby Tuolumne River, which was being considered for a series of three potential hydroelectric dams.

The loss of the Stanislaus not only signaled the end of the mega-dam era, but more importantly, it helped inspire the growing environmental movement. He made it his mission to expose as many people as he could to wild rivers so that they would be protected for future generations. Request a free copy of the latest edition today.

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Where Rafting in the West Got its Start George first came to the Stanislaus in and by he was one of 13 outfitters running two-day trips on the weekends. Save the Stan Even as some 30 outfitters set up shop and people flocked by the thousands to this famed stretch of whitewater—60, people would raft it in —the river was under threat. This is not in their job description. This is the philosophy that I think motivated Skilling and the others.


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