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A president whom the officer class widely loathes sits in the Angus McKinnon, the oldest son leaves the elite Delta Forces, returns to Montana and takes up the reins on the family ranch. The last person he expects to run into is the beauty who broke his heart. Bree Lansing promised to wait for Angus but a violent confrontation with her stepfather left her no choice.

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She had to Soldier's Duty by Patty Jansen series Return of the Aghyrians 3 Izramith Ezmi is many things: a member of the feared, all-female Hedron guards, a war veteran recently returned from a pointless and bloody mission, and impatient, angry and above all, lonely. With her contract about to run out, she may be on her way to becoming a ruthless mercenary, since what she really wants--becoming a mother--is out of the question.

Her family carries a gene that causes Promoted in the field for courage and leadership under fire, Ia is now poised to become an officer in the Space Force Navy—once she undertakes her Academy training. But on a trip back home to Sanctuary, she finds the heavyworld Eight brothers, born in four sets of twins, two years apart to the day—they fulfill the curse of eight prophecy.

To avoid tempting destiny, the brothers are exiled to Nightfall Island, where women are forbidden. But when the third-born brother is taken by a powerful and beautiful mage, he wonders if she is the Prophesied Disaster, his Fairy tales retold with an erotic edge, by the national bestselling author of the Sons of Destiny series.

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Jean Johnson sneaks between the covers of such classic fairy tales as Beauty and the Beast, Puss n' Boots, and Sleeping Beauty, and refashions them into bedtime stories for adults only. With clever gender twists, hot fetishistic turns, other-worldly desires, and explorations into Read more 2. A Pentagon thriller from military journalist Ricks Making the Corps , , who weaves a crooked tale of ambition, deceit, and treason out of the dull khaki strands of Army life. Majors Cindy Sherman and Bud Lewis watch the proceedings with long faces from their Pentagon desks, but as aides-de-camp for senior generals they are duty-bound to have no opinion of their commander-in-chief.

That cannot be said of many of their colleagues in the officer corps, however, and Sherman and Lewis soon become aware of a shadowy group calling itself the Sons of Liberty—military officers who conduct secret protests and rapidly advance to the brink of outright mutiny against the White House.

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In the course of their investigations, Sherman and Lewis fall in love, but the situation soon becomes too tense for romance as America faces the prospect of the first military coup in its history. There was a problem adding your email address.

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That path includes being in the Marine Corps where she can influence the right set of people and events to prevent this future catastrophe. The catch is that soldiers with psychic abilities usually get assigned to the special forces, not the Corps, thus Ia hides her ability from her squad mates and superiors so that she may accomplish her goal.

Although she can see the future, she can see many possible futures all at once. The analogy of a river with many twists and turns is used quite often.

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Further, some parts of the future are hazy for Ia, meaning that even she does not know the outcome of certain events. As a main character, Ia is suitably sympathetic.